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Baldrige Program Impacts

The ratio of the Baldrige Program’s benefits for the U.S. economy to its costs is estimated at 820 to 1, 124 Baldrige Award winners serve as national role models, 2010­–2021 award applicants represent 687,115 jobs, 5,086 work sites, over $193 billion in revenue/budgets, and about 614 million customers served, 212 Baldrige examiners volunteered roughly $4.7 million in services in 2021, Baldrige-based programs annually evaluate and recognize more than 1,000 organizations that use the Baldrige Framework.

820 to 1: Ratio of Baldrige Program benefits for the U.S. economy to program costs
(Economic Evaluation of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, December 2011)

124: Baldrige Award winners 
(including 10 two-time winners and 2 three-time winners) serving as national role models

80%: Median growth in revenue for two-time Baldrige Award winners

56%: Median job growth for two-time Baldrige Award winners
(compared with 4.6% for a matched set of industries and time periods)

255%: Median growth in revenue for three-time Baldrige Award winners

188%: Median job growth for three-time Baldrige Award winners

2010–2021 Baldrige Award applicants represent

  • 687,115 jobs

  • over $193 billion in revenue/budgets

  • about 614 million customers served

$4.7 million: value of services donated by 212 national Baldrige examiners in 2021

1,000+: organizations evaluated annually by Baldrige-based state, regional, and sector-based programs 

Baldrige Impacts in Health Care

  • A study by Truven Health Analytics links hospitals that adopt and use the Baldrige Criteria to successful operations, management practices, and overall performance.
  • 65% of hospitals are likely to "use the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as a systematic framework for performance improvement or as an internal assessment tool" by 2018, according to survey results reported in Futurescan 2013 PDF.
  • According to the same survey, 41% of hospitals are likely to submit an application for the Baldrige Award or a state-level Baldrige-based award by 2018.

Baldrige Impacts, State by State

Learn more about impacts and benefits in each state.

Baldrige Infographics

Baldrige Helping Organizations Succeed for 30 Years
Baldrige Criteria: Thirty Years of Evolution = Revolutionary Change


Results with Baldrige
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Created June 10, 2011, Updated August 11, 2023