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"The road to greatness in America has been, and always will be, traveled by those who embrace change and work hard every day to be the best; the organizations we honor today with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award exemplify that spirit," President Obama said. "This year's recipients have shown how quality, innovation, and an unending quest for excellence help strengthen our nation and brighten the future of all Americans."
—Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

"We are seeing some challenges and some changes in American business, American enterprise, but [the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award] is a reminder of things that must never change: the passion for excellence, the drive to innovate, the hard work that goes with any successful enterprise."
—George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

"The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which highlights customer satisfaction, workforce empowerment, and increased productivity, has come to symbolize America's commitment to excellence."
—William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

Don't just take it from us. Here's what organizational leaders say:


"Baldrige [offers] the only education Criteria that actually [enable a school system] to compare itself against other organizations ... that show you what world-class looks like. When we improve, children are successful."
—Dr. Terry Holliday, former Superintendent, 2008 Baldrige Award recipient Iredell-Statesville Schools

Health Care

"I honestly in my heart believe that because we participated in the Baldrige program and because it gave us that consistent feedback, there are people who are alive today who wouldn't have been had we not been so committed to the Baldrige process."
—Rulon Stacey, President, 2008 Baldrige Award recipient Poudre Valley Health System

"Clearly the Criteria, discipline, and focus that underlie the Baldrige process have been key contributors to our daily improvements. The feedback we received ... has been instrumental in providing a clear road map for the journey."
—Michael Murphy, CEO, 2007 Baldrige Award recipient Sharp HealthCare


"The economic environment is difficult for Cargill Corn Milling, as it is difficult for many manufacturing companies today. But ... by utilizing the processes and tools that we've learned from Baldrige, we're able to not only meet these challenges but actually excel in them."
—Alan Willits, President and Business Unit Leader,2008 Baldrige Award recipient Cargill Corn Milling

"Let me recall the staggering benefits which are waiting for the [United States] as we go forward with our own quality revolution:

  • Regaining market share
  • Bringing back the jobs we exported
  • Wiping out the bulk of our trade deficit

Those are goals which deserve the unified support of all of us. The activities surrounding the Baldrige Award have been a valuable contribution toward reaching those goals."
—Joseph M. Juran, Founder of the Juran Institute, Inc.


"People ask, 'Why Baldrige?' My answer is very simple: Triple A bond rating on Wall Street from all three rating agencies, bringing capital projects in on time and within budget, a 96 percent business satisfaction rating, a 94 percent resident satisfaction rating, an overall quality rating of 95 percent, and an employee satisfaction rating of 97 percent ... that's why we're involved with Baldrige."
—Michael Levinson, City Manager, 2007 Award recipient City of Coral Springs

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Created March 2, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019