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How to Apply for the Baldrige Award

Award Criteria | About the Award | Award Cycle Overview | Is Your Organization Eligible | Award Process Fees | Application Format

Applying for the Baldrige Award is a two-part process.

Step 1: Submit your organization's Eligibility Certification 
Step 2: Submit your organization's Award Application

2024 Due Dates

Eligibility Certification

March 19

The eligibility portion of the application must be completed through the online award application by this date and prior to beginning the award application.

Questions in this section are used to certify your organization's eligibility in one of six award categories: manufacturing, service, small business, education, health care, or nonprofit.

Award Application

April 12

Applications must be submitted through the online award application by this date.

Step 1: Complete Eligibility Certification

Is Your Organization Eligible?

Eligibility Details

Information provided in this section is used to determine your organization’s eligibility. The Baldrige Program keeps all of this information confidential. We use it to avoid conflicts of interest when assigning examiners to your application. In addition, certain eligibility information provides a useful profile of your organization and is often the first information read by the Baldrige examiners assigned to your application.

We'll review your eligibility information promptly and contact your designated contact point or alternate if it needs clarification, but you'll self-certify your organization's eligibility to apply for the award. You do not need notification from the program to begin your application.

The Baldrige Program relies on the information you submit for Eligibility Certification. If we find during the award cycle that the information is inaccurate in a way that makes your organization ineligible, you will forfeit eligibility for the award, and your organization will receive an evaluation report only. Please contact the helpline with any questions.

Payment is due by the application deadline: April 12, 2024. Please contact bmeerschaert [at] (Beth Meerschaert) to indicate payment method.

Award Process Helpline
301-975-8789 | baldrigeaward [at] (baldrigeaward[at]nist[dot]gov)

Step 2: Submit an Award Application

In this online submission, you provide the information that a team from the Board of Examiners needs to conduct a rigorous evaluation of your organization. All information you provide is considered confidential.

The Award Application consists of the following:

  • Organization Profile  
  • Responses to questions for eight criteria dimensions: Leadership and Governance; Strategy; Operations; Operational Continuity; Workforce; Customers and Markets; Community Engagement; and Finance
  • Appropriate Fees

Award Application Details

Your application will be accepted only if you've completed and submitted the application and fees by the deadline. To apply for the award, you'll also need the new 2024 award criteria.

Please call the helpline with any questions.

Award Process Helpline
301-975-8789 | baldrigeaward [at] (baldrigeaward[at]nist[dot]gov)

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  • Baldrige Customer Service
    (301) 975-2036
    100 Bureau Drive, M/S 1020
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020
Created March 11, 2010, Updated April 11, 2024