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2021 Baldrige Board of Examiners

Below is the list of the current members of the Baldrige Board of Examiners. The Baldrige Program wishes to thank the hundreds of volunteers who have previously served as Baldrige Examiners. These industry experts make an invaluable contribution to organizational improvement, the Baldrige Program, and the nation.

Baldrige Examiners

State Board Position Name Sort descending Organization
FL Senior Adelman, Kimberly ECG Management Consultants
IA Examiner Adelmund, Eric Mary Greeley Medical Center
AZ Examiner Aders, Deborah Yuma Regional Medical Center
CA Master Examiner Akers, Diane Diane Akers Consulting
AR Examiner Allen, Jeffrey Summit Community Care / Anthem
NM Master Examiner Baca, Maureen Computing Center Inc. of Albuquerque
NJ Senior Baehser, Mark Judson Health- Gouverneur health
NC Master Examiner Ballard, Marcie US Army Special Operations Command
NC Master Examiner Beach, Trent UNC Health
OH Master Examiner Belter, Michael Appalachian Power company
MD Examiner Blakely, Cherron Food and Drug Administration/Center for Devices and Radiological Health/Office of Product Evaluation & Quality
FL Examiner Bobst Miklosikova, Zuzana Pasco County, Board of County Commissioners
TX Master Examiner Bodinson, Glenn BaldrigeCoach, Inc.
MD Master Examiner Bonk, Stephen SFB PM Consulting
KS Senior Boylan, Michelle VA VISN 15
CO Examiner Bradley, Margaret UCHealth (formerly PVHS)
MO Examiner Brenner, Lauren Mid-America Transplant
FL Examiner Brown, Cheryl Publix Employees Federal Credit Union
MD Master Examiner Burwell, LaWanda Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Center for Clinical Standards & Quality
PH Examiner Calingo, Luis María Holy Angel University
FL Master Examiner Campbell, Robert HealthTrust
CA Master Examiner Carrothers, Kathleen Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare
NM Examiner Cartwright, Joshua Presbyterian Healthcare Services
AZ Senior Casano, Jayleen Creighton University Medical Center-Bergan Mercy
OH Master Examiner Ceselski, Sarah Ohio State University Medical Center
CA Master Examiner Chan, Marsha MCC Health Care Consulting
IL Examiner Chen, Yuesha AMITA Health
NC Master Examiner Christiansen, Richard Independent Consultant
NJ Examiner Cirne-Neves, Ceu Saint Barnabas Medical Center
PA Examiner Conklin, Sheila Retired
MN Examiner Connor, Carla The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
FL Master Examiner Corace, Mary University of South Florida
CA Examiner Corson, Karen Adventist Health Rideout
AR Master Examiner Craddock, William Craddock & Associates, Inc.
NC Master Examiner Craver, Catherine Catherine Craver Consulting
VA Senior Cummins, Michael Impact Engineering, Inc.
OK Examiner Cunningham, Erin Paycom
CA Examiner Cunningham, Lindsey California Council for Excellence (CCE)
MI Master Examiner Curtis, Patricia Western Michigan University Homer Stryker, M.D. School of Medicine
IA Examiner Dane, Michele Genesis Health System
MD Examiner Davis, David National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection
NC Senior Deaton, Darrell Patient Centered Innovation, Inc.
id Master Examiner Deats, Kevin SPIRE Quality Consulting
CA Examiner Do, Tram San Diego County
SC Examiner Donohue, Doreen The Joint Commission
IN Senior Drake, Michael Good Samaritan Hospital
GA Senior Dune-Chari, Victoria Wellstar Kennestone Hospital
CA Examiner Duyst, Jennifer Adventist Health Medical Center-Hanford
IN Master Examiner Dye, Tammy Jordan Johnson, Inc
IN Examiner Edwards, Emily Hendricks Regional Health
VA Master Examiner Erath, Mark Murphy Deming College of Health Science Mary Baldwin University
PA Master Examiner Ettinger, Joel Category One, Inc.
MD Examiner Fiddler, Kathryn TidalHealth
KS Master Examiner Field, Thomas University of Kansas Medical Center
TN Master Examiner Fields Parsons, Tamera Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
GA Examiner Findeiss, Laura Emory University School of Medicine
TX Senior Fischer, Megan CHI St Luke's Texas Division
VA Master Examiner Fletcher, Eric Mary Washington Healthcare
CO Examiner Fletcher, Louis School District 49
MN Master Examiner Floss, Gary Veritas Institute, University of St. Thomas
WI Master Examiner Garcia, Dawn BNI US CORE
VA Master Examiner Garfield, Janice Walden University
NJ Examiner Ghali, Anwar Richard Hall Community Mental Health Center
AL Senior Gholston, Sampson The University of Alabama in Huntsville
PA Examiner Gigliotti, Raffaele Rutgers University
NM Master Examiner Gilbert, Kathie Western New Mexico University
AR Examiner Givens, Joe Ouachita County Medical Center
OK Senior Godfrey, Jason Tri County Tech Center
IL Senior Goldman, Lynn Independent Consultant
Examiner Gonzalez, Lourdes Lulu Process Design Group
NY Examiner Gordon, Adam NYC Health + Hospitals / Elmhurst
MD Examiner Grange, George Adventist Healthcare
NC Master Examiner Grayson, Kevin NC State University - IES
TX Master Examiner Griffith, Patrice University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
MN Master Examiner Grizzell, Paul Core Values Partners, Inc.
NJ Senior Hall, Brenda C-Suite Healthcare Advisors
HI Master Examiner Hamamura, Glenn Systems Excellence, LLC
MD Examiner Hammond, Trudy TidalHealth
CO Senior Harcek, Grace Donor Alliance
GA Master Examiner Hatch, Melanie Albany State University
CA Master Examiner Hawley, Tamela WASC Senior College and University Commission
OH Master Examiner Haynes, Denise Quiet Excellence
CO Senior Hilts, Peter El Paso County Colorado School District 49
OH Senior Hoffman, Margot The Partnership for Excellence
MD Examiner Holman, Maelondy Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
TX Master Examiner Holroyd, Ashley UT Southwestern Medical Center
TN Senior Holt, Lila University of Tennessee
TX Examiner Hsia, Hsiao LSS Consultant
VA Examiner Humphrey, Kimberlee Association for Manufacturing Excellence
IL Senior Humrickhouse, Robert Healthcare Consulting Services
SC Examiner Hunter, Christine Lowcountry Women's Specialists
TX Master Examiner Huynh, Bao Dallas College - Richland Campus
SC Examiner Ibe, James Morris College
CA Senior Iwane, David The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
FL Examiner Jadhav, Yashodeep Envision Healthcare
NC Master Examiner Janoski, Cheryl Cheryl J. Janoski
MN Master Examiner Jenson, Kathleen RK Jenson Assoc
TX Master Examiner Johnson, Janet Jordan Johnson, Inc.
PA Examiner Johnston, Celia University of Pennsylvania Health System
NC Master Examiner Jokovich, Nancy Jokovich Consulting
CA Examiner Kattan, Azar Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
CO Master Examiner Katzenberg, Beth Consultant: Health Care Quality & Compliance Integrity
TX Master Examiner Kendall, Kay BaldrigeCoach, Inc.
MD Master Examiner Kenney, Marcia Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center
MA Master Examiner Kessler, Marsha M Kessler Group
IA Senior Kiel Rosser, Karen Mary Greeley Medical Center
MD Examiner Killian, Dennis University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy
IN Master Examiner Kimbrough, Larry Navistar Inc.
NV Examiner King, James Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)
MA Master Examiner Kinney, Laura Performance Excellence Mentor
WI Master Examiner Kirkland, Lori Kirkland-Jones
GA Examiner Kueven, John Wellstar Health System
TX Examiner Kydd, Shernette Cook Children's Healthcare System
WI Master Examiner LaBonte, Peter Milwaukee County
MT Master Examiner Lapekas, Patti Lapekas & Associates
VA Examiner Law, Bryan Department of State
MI Senior Lawver, Adam Michigan State University
OH Master Examiner Lewis, Alice Self-Employed
SC Examiner Louder, David MUSC Health
IN Senior Lozier, Travis Jordan Johnson, Inc.
OH Master Examiner Mackert, Elayne Casey Six Disciplines Consulting Services
VA Master Examiner Malloy, Eric National Cemetery Administration
MI Master Examiner Markley, Geri Michigan Performance Excellence
IL Senior Marston, Andrew Caterpillar - Innovation & Technology Development Division
MO Senior Martin, Linda Mid-America Transplant
FL Examiner Martinez, Lisa Lee Health
KY Examiner Maxik, Kenneth CompleteRx, Ltd.
OH Master Examiner McBride, Debra Ohio University Global Health Initiative
FL Examiner McClung, Sandra The School District of Lee County
CO Master Examiner McCorvey, James VA National Office of Community Care
TX Master Examiner McGuire, Cortis Quality Texas Foundation
TN Examiner McVey, Lola Bristol Tennessee Essential Services
WI Master Examiner Menzer, Elizabeth Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence
TX Examiner Miff, Jennifer Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council Foundation
PA Senior Miller, Brian Pine-Richland School District
MD Senior Miller, Emily Adventist HealthCare
IN Examiner Miller, Eric Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)
CA Master Examiner Mohagen, Bruce Retired
HI Master Examiner Molenda, John HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union
IL Master Examiner Mony, Premalatha Northshore University Healthsystem
MD Examiner Moore, Brett The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
OH Examiner Mummadi, Srinivas Cleveland Clinic Foundation
WA Examiner Nidd, Christine Hospice of the Northwest
OH Master Examiner Nirody, Suresh Naught Foundation Inc.
CA Master Examiner Niswonger, Jennifer Adventist Health and Rideout
FL Examiner Okano, Ikuko Florida Health Care Assocaiton
TX Senior Onken, Lynn LifeGift
NV Master Examiner Oot-Giromini, Barbara HCA Far West Division
CA Examiner Osten, Jyoti Sharp HealthCare
MD Senior Oxenford, Michael Shady Grove Medical Center
IL Examiner Ozan Rafferty, Margaret Loyola University Chicago
TX Examiner Padula, Emily Austin Healthcare Innovation
AR Examiner Parks, Kelvin Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks
VA Senior Pasakarnis, Thomas Department of Veterans Affairs
MD Senior Pionati, Pellegrino 4P's Advisor's LLC
PA Examiner Plowfield, Lisa Towson University
MI Examiner Pomaville, Rena Tsunagari Services, Inc.
OR Master Examiner Post, Theron Performance Excellence Northwest (PENW)
MI Senior Powell, Lisa Sparrow Hospital
MS Examiner Prasad, Amit United HealthCare
NJ Senior Quintavalla, Steven United States Golf Association
SC Master Examiner Rainer, Robert Greenville Pathology Associates
TX Examiner Ransom, Eric CHI St. Luke's Health
MA Examiner Rawson, James Harvard Medical Faculty Practice/Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Center
MS Examiner Rayford, Edith Central Mississippi Health Services, Inc.
NE Examiner Reiners, Jonathan Community Hospital
OH Examiner Renz, Julianne Pain Management Group
FL Senior Rieder, Renee HCA North Florida Division
SC Examiner Robinson, Cory MUSC Health
MO Master Examiner Rogers, Scott CoxHealth
GA Master Examiner Ruhl, Rebecca WellStar Health System
CO Senior Runyan, Therese City of Fort Collins
MT Senior Salazar, Lara One Health
VA Examiner Satterlee, Anita Liberty University
TX Examiner Schnitzer, Mark Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance
IN Master Examiner Schoch, Kurt Performance Improvement Consulting, LLC
IL Senior Sellett, Julianna Carle Health
FL Master Examiner Serrano, Doug Quiet Excellence
DE Examiner Sheets, Debra TidalHealth
CA Master Examiner Shields, Denise Shields Resource Group
IA Examiner Smith, Ronald Mary Greeley Medical Center
WI Master Examiner Snyder, Edward Snyder Consulting & Associates
MI Master Examiner Snyder, Robert Bo Snyder Consulting, Inc.
MD Examiner Somerville, Nancy N C Somerville Consulting
VA Examiner Spengler, James City of Alexandria Virginia
MI Master Examiner Stehouwer, Kristin Northwood University
WI Master Examiner Sternke, JoAnn Studer Group / Studer Education
GA Examiner Stewart, Glenda Next Step Care
OK Senior Strobel, Tammie Tri County Tech
CO Examiner Sullivan, Daniel Colorado Department of Public Health
FL Examiner Swanson, Catherine Best Practice Cities, LLC
MD Examiner Taylor, April Johns Hopkins Hospital
GA Senior Taylor, Phyllis US Army Garrison Fort Stewart
MD Examiner Valentine, Amanda Howard University Hospital
MO Examiner Van Dusen, Lee Logan University
TX Master Examiner Vera, Fonda Richland College
CA Examiner Vetteth, Yohan Stanford Health Care
GA Master Examiner Vinyard, John Genitect
FL Examiner Wade, Herbert Webber International University
GA Senior Waldorf, Douglas Guidehouse
CO Examiner Walker, Jim Baldrige Assistance Services
SC Examiner Wall, Jason Medical University of South Carolina
CA Examiner Watkins, Daryl Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - College of Business
MO Senior Webb, Steffani University of Kansas Medical Center
OH Senior Weber, Suzanne Eaton Corporation
IN Examiner West, Thomas The Green Dot Consulting Group
TX Examiner Whitehead, Kristin HealthLinx
FL Senior Wilhoit-Groves, Kristine VHA Office of Quality
IA Senior Wood, Denise Urbandale Community School District
CO Master Examiner Wulff, Sonja Sonja Wulff Consulting
NY Master Examiner Yanovsky, Marlene Customer Focused Solutions, Inc.


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