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State, Local, and Regional Baldrige-Based Award Programs

State, local, and regional Baldrige-based award programs use the Baldrige Excellence Framework to advance organizational excellence and competitiveness in their states and regions. These programs help many local organizations start and continue their performance excellence journeys. Many Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients have begun their performance excellence journeys with their state quality award programs.

The Alliance for Performance Excellence, a nonprofit national network, aims to enhance the success and sustainability of member Baldrige-based programs. The Alliance's member organizations

  • Promote the use of the Baldrige Criteria

  • Disseminate information on the Baldrige Award process and Baldrige concepts

  • Serve as a feeder system for the national program, providing a significant number of Examiners and Award applicants

  • Network with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and each other

  • Receive the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and other program and training materials from the national program

For the latest information on state, local, and regional quality awards, and to find a state or local program near you,

Resources for State, Local, and Regional Baldrige-Based Programs

Baldrige Support for State and Local Programs

In addition to the resources listed above, the Baldrige Program

  • Refers Examiner applicants who indicate an interest to state and local programs

  • Provides teleconferencing for planning the Baldrige Fall Conference and the State and Local Program Workshop

  • Offers one complimentary registration at the Quest for Excellence Conference in return for the use of the state or local program's marketing mailing list

  • Recognizes state programs that have encouraged state award recipients to submit a Baldrige Award application if those applicants receive the Baldrige Award

  • Refers inquiries from organizations using Baldrige to state and local award recipients

  • Provides Baldrige staff members as speakers at state and local conferences and award ceremonies

  • Cohosts two Regional Conferences and shares the returns with the programs and the Foundation

  • Shares aggregated data demonstrating the impact of state and local programs with conference attendees, other federal government agencies, and other parties

  • Refers potential Award applicants and Examiners to state and local programs through customer service inquiries and other contacts

  • Refers to state and local programs in Baldrige materials

  • For startup programs, provides Designing and Implementing a State Quality Award, a 1992 report prepared for the National Governors' Association and sponsored by NIST

Features and Events

Alliance for Performance Excellence video "The Challenge of Being Excellent - Putting the Puzzle Together"

Performance Excellence USA Podcast
Weekly podcast of Quality New Mexico’s radio show. Visit the Quality New Mexico website to listen to Julia Gabaldon's radio show.



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Created February 26, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019