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Testimonials: Why Serve?

Baldrige Award Process Update - Examiner Recruitment and Selection for 2024 

The Baldrige Program has made the decision to streamline the examiner application, selection, and training processes for 2024 by only selecting master, senior, and returning Baldrige examiners  who served in 2021 or 2022. This will help ensure we can focus our time and efforts on effectively designing and rolling out the revised award process itself. Should it be necessary, we will do some targeted recruitment of experienced examiners who served prior to 2021 to ensure appropriate balance, sector representation, and industry expertise on the Board of Examiners. 

While we do not yet know the number and type of applicant organizations who will apply in 2024, we do know that the streamlined award evaluation process will utilize smaller examiner teams, limiting the number of examiners that can serve during the 2024 award process. We will broaden recruitment and selection for 2025 and beyond. Although you may not serve as an examiner during the 2024 award process we encourage you to support your state Baldrige-based Alliance program.

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Hundreds of professionals volunteer to serve on the elite Baldrige Board of Examiners every year. They say they serve because of the remarkable opportunity to learn and network, make a meaningful contribution to their nation, and gain an unparalleled professional development experience. Here's how Baldrige examiners describe service on the board:

"It is the best education on leadership, business, and organizational excellence. You will meet great leaders who will share their expertise and experience. Be prepared to stretch your mind."
Suki L. Wright, Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Alumni Examiner

"I encourage you to consider Examiner training as a key personal development opportunity. . . .  Even if your organization is not using the Baldrige Criteria as a management system, your continued education in effective management practices should be viewed as having value for your organization.  Your evaluation of an applicant, especially if you are fortunate enough to participate in a site visit, is like having an internship to learn about effective management practices. . . . In my opinion, this is one of the greatest employee development opportunities available." read the entire letter Word
Paul Grizzell, Core Values Partners, Inc., Baldrige Performance Excellence Program Alumni Examiner

"I always learn and develop a deeper understanding of the Criteria during these sessions. The ROI for the organizations for whom I have worked has always been bringing back tot he team new insights and examples from other organizations both within and outside our sector . . . . Equally important to the training are the network opportunities that often result in continued discussion to support our organization's efforts."
Dr. Kathryn Leroy, Adjunct Professor, University of Houston

"I was humbled by the level of expertise and experience, the kindness and helpfulness of alumni, staff, judges, etc. . . and the selfless nature of the entire network. Super proud to be part of this team and . . . do my very best for our Nation's economy through the Baldrige program."

"It was really an excellent experience for me and I want to thank all those involved in this effort at NIST as well as the experienced examiners who train and lead teams. No doubt a highlight in my life experiences."

"This was my first Baldrige experience and I am thoroughly sold on the value of this program. I'm not sure if my organization will be up to Baldrige standards in the very near future, but I now recognize what the bar looks like."

"I find the most important [reason to serve as a Baldrige examiner] to be the opportunity to serve our country. What a privilege as a civilian to be able to strengthen our economy and serve all those impacted by these organizations."
—Comments from 2015 Baldrige examiners

"I . . . count my years as a . . . Baldrige Examiner among my many blessings! Not only the personal and professional learning opportunities, but PEOPLE, from the NIST staff to fellow examiners, to key contacts in organizations, those people have taught me much and enriched my life beyond words."

"I would consider the terms I served as an Examiner to form the greatest learning opportunity and experience of my adult life."

"My two years as an examiner were most rewarding. In fact, I received much more than I gave although the commitment of time and effort were substantial. What I learned has changed my entire outlook on achieving excellence in the public education sector where I. . . work."
—2015 comments shared on Blogrige by Baldrige examiners

"As a leader, the most practical and impactful training I have ever received was through the Baldrige examiner program. Our success in improving education in Iredell-Statesville [school district] and now in Kentucky can certainly be attributed to lessons learned from examiner training and the implementation of the Baldrige Criteria."
Dr. Terry Holliday, Commissioner of Education Commonwealth of Kentucky (Former Superintendent, Iredell-Statesville Schools, NC, 2008 Baldrige Award Recipient in Education)


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Created October 20, 2010, Updated January 4, 2024