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Examiner Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center for the Board of Examiners—one of the most prestigious groups in the nation. This resource center has been organized to assist your development as an examiner.

Welcome to the Resource Center for the Board of Examiners—one of the most prestigious groups in the nation! Organizations from all sectors of the U.S. economy thank you for your time and expertise in helping them increase their competitiveness and in helping make our country great. This resource center has been organized to assist you. Separate links are provided to take you directly to tools you will need during the stages of the award process and to aid your development as an examiner.

What Baldrige Examiners Are Saying

return on investment was huge


[Baldrige] has changed my perspective on assessment, continuous improvement, and organizational development. The return on investment for my organization was huge! It was an inexpensive way to learn tactics and techniques for implementing quality.

equally important to training are network opportunities


The ROI [return on investment] for the organizations for whom I have worked has always been bringing back to the team new insights and examples from other organizations both within and outside our sector. Equally important to the training are the network opportunities that often result in continued discussion to support our organization's efforts. I now have colleagues across the United States and abroad who continually add value to my learning and that of the organization.

Examiner Contact

examdepo [at] (examdepo[at]nist[dot]gov)

Baldrige Examiner Badge

2022 Baldrige Examiner Badge PNG Format


Badge Available for Use by 2022 Baldrige Examiners




Baldrige Examiner Badge Use Instructions

Examiners who have successfully completed training and their assignment in 2022 can add a Baldrige Examiner® Badge to their Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, or wherever it can receive online professional recognition in accordance with the Code of Ethical Conduct PDF. It can be included on email signatures and résumés, as long as it appears with other credentials and cannot be construed as an advertising mark.

We trust that only 2022 Board members will use this badge.

Thank you for volunteering as an Examiner for the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.