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Testimonials from Education

Don't just take it from us. Here's what leaders say:

This Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, it’s a gold medal, it’s a World Series, it’s a Super Bowl, it’s an Emmy, a Tony, it’s all of that wrapped into one. And what it tells our community is [that] we are a high-performance organization—that your investment in us is worthwhile and that we compete with the best of the best.” 
—Mike Flores, Chancellor, Alamo Colleges District, 2018 Baldrige Award Recipient

“Baldrige is systemic at our organization. We credit everything we do to the framework and its Criteria. … As a result, we … have [gained] significant efficiencies in business operations …. more process and operational consistency, and one of the highest completion and retention rates for students at a public education institution in the United States.”
—Lindel Fields, Superintendent and CEO, Tri County Tech, 2018 Baldrige Award Recipient

“America’s economic future—the health of our children and our grandchildren, the defense of those American values that we support—is dependent upon all kids in every neighborhood, urban or rural. We are committed to that, and Baldrige has helped us on our journey.”
—Mary Searcy Bixby, Founder, President, and CEO, Charter School of San Diego, 2015 Baldrige Award Recipient

"We have dedicated ourselves to being systematic in the use of the Baldrige continuous improvement process, and . . . we've seen student achievement go up in ways that we never thought imaginable. We've become more efficient and more effective. And these successes aren't just figures and statistics; they do change lives. And in the process, we've become an innovative force in education."
JoAnn Sternke, Former Superintendent, Pewaukee School District, 2013 Baldrige Award Recipient

"Baldrige [offers] the only Education Criteria that actually [enable a school system] to compare itself against other organizations ... that show you what world-class looks like. . . . When we improve, children are successful."
—Dr. Terry Holliday, Former Superintendent, Iredell-Statesville Schools, 2008 Baldrige Award Recipient

"This presidential recognition honors Richland College's serious commitment to and passion for student learning success and our vital mission of teaching, learning, and building a sustainable local and world community."
—Dr. Stephen K. Mittelstet, President, Richland College, 2005 Baldrige Award Recipient


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    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020
Created March 24, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019