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Baldrige is "A Huge Return on Your Investment"

Jerry Rose, Vice President, Cargill, Inc.

Baldrige is "A Huge Return on Your Investment" PDF

At Quest for Excellence XXII in April 2010, Jerry Rose showed this slide to demonstrate the return on investment of using Baldrige.

Cargill color-codes its businesses based upon their degree of deployment of the Baldrige Criteria. Gold represents businesses with a high degree of deployment; Blue represents businesses with partial deployment; and White represents businesses beginning the Baldrige journey.

The slide shows that the Cargill businesses with a high degree of deployment of the Baldrige Criteria have achieved 30% cumulative earnings after taxes vs. budget vs. 13% for Cargill businesses with partial Baldrige deployment and -12% for Cargill businesses just beginning use of Baldrige.

So, in Jerry’s words, is there payback? Yes.  According to Jerry, “deciding to embrace the Baldrige program in your company is a commitment to a journey. It takes time, it takes dedication and it takes resources. What I know for sure is that there is a huge return on your investment.”

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Created August 31, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019