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Next Steps for Your Journey

Additional resources for your journey to performance excellence:

  • Apply to your state or local Baldrige-based award programs. These programs can provide training, consultation, and networking in addition to award programs.

  • Attend a Baldrige conference. The Baldrige Program sponsors the Quest for Excellence® Conference and regional conferences annually to showcase Baldrige Award recipients and their best performance practices.

  • Apply to serve as a Baldrige Examiner. Examiners at both the state and the national levels receive valuable training and experience in understanding and applying the Criteria for Performance Excellence, and they strengthen their ability to use the Criteria to improve performance and get world-class results in their own organizations.

  • Contact Baldrige Award recipients from your geographic area or in your industry, read their Baldrige Award Application Summaries, or attend one of their Sharing Days.
Created March 12, 2010, Updated September 21, 2016