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Neutron-Condensed Matter Science Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Dan A. Neumann Group Leader dan.neumann [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Richard Azuah richard.azuah [at] Assoc
Purnima Balakrishnan purnima.balakrishnan [at] Fed
John Barker john.barker [at] Fed
Peter Beaucage peter.beaucage [at] Fed
Norman F. Berk norman.berk [at] Assoc
Julie A. Borchers julie.borchers [at] Fed
Collin L. Broholm Assoc
Craig Brown craig.brown [at] Fed
Nicholas Butch nicholas.butch [at] Fed
Paul Butler paul.butler [at] Fed
Marcus Carter marcus.carter [at] Fed
Joseph Curtis joseph.curtis [at] Fed
Peter Czajka peter.czajka [at] Fed
Rebecca Dally rebecca.dally [at] Fed
Roisin Donnelly roisin.donnelly [at] Assoc
Joseph A. Dura joseph.dura [at] Fed
Ross W. Erwin ross.erwin [at] Fed
Hayden Evans hayden.evans [at] Fed
Antonio Faraone antonio.faraone [at] Fed
Rachel Ford [at] Fed
Corey Frank corey.frank [at] Fed
David Fushman david.fushman [at] Assoc
Cedric Gagnon cedric.gagnon [at] Assoc
Jonathan Gaudet jonathan.gaudet [at] IntlAssoc
Nirmal Ghimire Assoc
Charles J. Glinka charles.glinka [at] Assoc
Thomas H. Gnaupel-Herold thomas.gnaeupel-herold [at] Fed
Julia Greenfield julia.greenfield [at] Fed
Alexander Grutter alexander.grutter [at] Fed
Boualem Hammouda boualem.hammouda [at] Assoc
Shriya Haravu shriya.haravu [at] Assoc
Leland Harriger leland.harriger [at] Fed
Frank Heinrich frank.heinrich [at] Assoc
Joel Helton joel.helton [at] Fed
Melissa Henderson melissa.henderson [at] IntlAssoc
David Hoogerheide david.hoogerheide [at] Fed
Qingzhen Huang qingzhen.huang [at] Assoc
Robert Huarcaya Lazaro robert.huarcayalazaro [at] Assoc
Robert Ivkov Assoc
William Kamitakahara william.kamitakahara [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Kelley elizabeth.kelley [at] Fed
Paul Kienzle paul.kienzle [at] Fed
Hubert King hubert.king [at] Fed
Ryan Klein ryan.klein [at] Assoc
Miharu Koh miharu.koh [at] Assoc
Susan Krueger susan.krueger [at] Assoc
Kathryn Krycka kathryn.krycka [at] Assoc
Jeffery Krzywon jeffery.krzywon [at] Fed
Sylvia Lewin sylvia.lewin [at] Fed
Kai Liu Assoc
Yun Liu yun.liu [at] Fed
Jeffrey W. Lynn jeffrey.lynn [at] Fed
Jaroslaw Majewski Fed
Charles F. Majkrzak charles.majkrzak [at] Fed
Yimin Mao yimin.mao [at] Assoc
Brian B. Maranville brian.maranville [at] Fed
Sougata Mardanya sougata.mardanya [at] IntlAssoc
Susana Marujo Teixeira susana.marujoteixeira [at] Assoc
Gavin McCarver gavin.mccarver [at] Fed
Yran-Eory Medrano yran-eory.medrano [at] Assoc
Vincent Morano vincent.morano [at] Assoc
Ryan Murphy ryan.murphy [at] Fed
Michihiro Nagao michihiro.nagao [at] Assoc
Ryan Need ryan.need [at] Assoc
Dan A. Neumann dan.neumann [at] Fed
Johnpierre Paglione Assoc
Brian Paul brian.paul [at] Assoc
Gia Kiet Pham IntlAssoc
Minh Phan minhdinh.phan [at] Assoc
Yiming Qiu yiming.qiu [at] Fed
William D. Ratcliff william.ratcliff [at] Fed
Timothy Reeder timothy.reeder [at] Assoc
Kelsi Rehmann kelsi.rehmann [at] Fed
James Rhyne james.rhyne [at] Assoc
Christopher Roberts Assoc
Efrain Rodriguez efrain.rodriguez [at] Assoc
Jose A. Rodriguez jose.rodriguez [at] Assoc
Jack Rooks Assoc
Kenneth A. Rubinson kenneth.rubinson [at] Ctr
Shanta Saha Assoc
Sushil K. Satija sushil.satija [at] Fed
Gicela Saucedo Salas gicela.saucedosalas [at] IntlAssoc
Natalie Schwab natalie.schwab [at] Assoc
Maximilian Shen maximilian.shen [at] Assoc
Vitalii Silin vitalii.silin [at] Assoc
Christopher Stallard christopher.stallard [at] Assoc
Saya Takeuchi saya.takeuchi [at] Assoc
Pappannan Thiyagarajan pappannan.thiyagarajan [at] Assoc
Madhusudan (Madhu) Tyagi madhusudan.tyagi [at] Assoc
Terrence J. Udovic terrence.udovic [at] Assoc
David J. Vanderah Assoc
Yegor Vekhov yegor.vekhov [at] Assoc
Norman Wagner Assoc
Katie Weigandt kathleen.weigandt [at] Fed
Michael Weinrich michael.weinrich [at] Assoc
Malia Wenny malia.wenny [at] Fed
Caitlyn Wolf caitlyn.wolf [at] Fed
David Worcester david.worcester [at] Assoc
Hui Wu hui.wu [at] Fed
Guangyong Xu guangyong.xu [at] Fed
Zhijun Xu zhijun.xu [at] Assoc
Qiang Ye [at] Assoc
Taner Yildirim taner.yildirim [at] Fed
Guangcui Yuan guangcui.yuan [at] Fed
Yang Zhao yang.zhao [at] Assoc
Wei Zhou wei.zhou [at] Fed