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Guangyong Xu (Fed)


Two-Dimensional Overdamped Fluctuations of the Soft Perovskite Lattice in CsPbBr3

T. Lanigan-Atkins, X. He, M. Krogstad, D. M. Pajerowski, D. Abernathy, Guangyong Xu, Zhijun Xu, D.-Y. Chung, M. G. Kanatzidis, S. Rosenkranz, R. Osborn, O. Delaire
Lead halide perovskites exhibit structural instabilities and large atomic fluctuations thought to impact their optical and thermal properties, yet detailed

Noncollinear Ferromagnetic Weyl Semimetal with Anisotropic Anomalous Hall Effect

Hung-Yu Yang, Bahadur Singh, Jonathan Gaudet, Baozhu Lu, Cheng-Yi Huang, Wei-Chi Chiu, Shin-Ming Huang, Baokai Wang, Faranak Bahrami, Bochao Xu, Jacob Franklin, Ilya Sochnikov, David Graf, Guangyong Xu, Yang Zhao, Christina Hoffman, Hsin Lin, Darius Torchinsky, Collin L. Broholm, Arun Bansil, Fazel Tafti
Created May 31, 2018, Updated June 30, 2022