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Guangyong Xu


Magnetism and Superconductivity in Fe1+yTe^1-x^Sex

J. M. Tranquada, Guangyong NMN Xu, I. A. Zalizyak
Neutron scattering has played a significant role in characterizing magnetic and structural correlations in Fe1+yTe^1-x^Sex and their connections with

Orientation Dependence of the Magnetic Phase Diagram of Yb2Ti2O7

S. Saubert, A. Scheie, C. Duvinage, J. Kindervater, S. Zhang, H. J. Changlani, Guangyong NMN Xu, S. M. Koohpayeh, O. Tchernyshyov, Collin L. Broholm, C. Pfleiderer
In the quest to realize a quantum spin liquid (QSL), magnetic long-range order is hardly welcome. Yet it can offer deep insights into a complex world of strong

Materializing Rival Ground States in the Barlowite Family of Kagome Magnets: Quantum Spin Liquid, Spin Ordered, and Valence Bond Crystal States

Rebecca W. Smaha, Wei He, Jack Mingde Jiang, JiaJia Wen, Yi-Fan Jiang, John P. Sheckelton, Charles J. Titus, Suyin Grass Wang, Yu-Sheng Chen, Simon J. Teat, Adam A. Aczel, Yang Zhao, Guangyong NMN Xu, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Hong-Chen Jiang, Young S. Lee
Quantum magnet display exotic phases that may be strongly influenced by small differences in structure and composition. Comprehensive structural and magnetic

Magnon Profile on SrRuO3 Films Studied by Inelastic Neutron Scattering

G. D. Dwivedi, C.-M. Wu, Bo-Yu Chen, S. T. Lin, W.-Z. Qiu, S. J. Sun, Guangyong NMN Xu, Jeffrey W. Lynn, J. W. Chiou, C.-H. Lee, W.-H. Li, S. Yano, H. Chou
In this study, the inelastic neutron scattering (INS) probe of SIKA in ANSTO is employed to investigate the magnon dispersion curve in ferromagnetic SrRuO3
Created May 31, 2018, Updated June 5, 2018