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User Laboratories and Sample Preparation Facilities

Most experiments conducted at the NCNR require a level of onsite sample preparation or support. To facilitate these experiments, the NCNR provides a series of well supplied laboratories. Many of the laboratories are general use laboratories that are accessible to anyone who has completed the NCNR laboratory training; however, some of the laboratories have additional access requirements. If you need to access one of these laboratories, please make arrangements with your local contact.

Safety is the top priority at the NCNR: the only good experiment is a safe one. New users are required to take a short laboratory safety course before using any laboratory facility. Not every safety regulation can be touched upon in this short course: if in doubt, please ask your local contact or laboratory responsible. Safety infractions will not be tolerated.

Many users visit the NCNR and each experiment is equally important. To ensure every experiment runs smoothly, please only use the laboratory space assigned to you and sign out any equipment you use. If you require more space, or have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your local contact for assistance.

Our goal at the NCNR is to maximize your neutron beamtime by providing you with the best support and equipment possible.

Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering (CHRNS)
Maximizing access for the scientific community to transformative neutron scattering instrumentation
Created August 30, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019