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Image Make and Model Chamber Dimensions and Atmosphere Location
Terra Universal 100 Glovebox Thumbnail
Terra Universal 100 88.9 cm x 61.0 cm x 63.5 cm - Inert atmosphere B129
Labconco Precise HEPA-Filtered Glovebox Thumbnail
Labconco Precise HEPA-Filtered 85.1 cm x 69.8 cm x 63.5 cm B147
Coy Laboratory Products Basic Glove Box Thumbnail
Coy Laboratory Products Basic 81.3 cm x 81.3 cm x 81.3 cm - Helium Gas B147
Innovative Technology Pure Lab Glove Box Thumbnail
Innovative Technology Pure Lab 125.0 cm x 78.0 cm x 90.0 cm - Helium Gas E135
MBRAUN LabMaster 130 Glovebox Thumbnail
MBRAUN LabMaster 130 150.0 cm x 111.8 cm x 91.4 cm - Helium Gas E131
A146 Glovebox MTI GB1
MTI GB1 Compact Glove Box 555 mm x 444mm x 414mm H - Helium Gas A146
B142_Vigor OXY glove box
Vigor GE Standard 1200 Glove Box 1200 mm x 750 mm x 900 mm - Helium Gas B142


Created December 11, 2017, Updated February 24, 2020