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Image Make and Model Temperature Range Location(s)
Binder VDL023 Vo;atiles Vacuum oven
Binder VDL023 Volatiles Vacuum oven 0-100C E135
Yamato 200C A115
Yamato 200C Vacuum Drying Oven up to 200C A115
Yamato 300C Vacuum Oven
Yamato 300C Vacuum Oven up to 300C
Barnstead Lab-Line 3608-5 Oven Thumbnail
Barnstead Lab-Line 3608-5 Up to 220 °C E132
Fisher Isotemp Junior Model 201 Oven Thumbnail
Fisher Isotemp Junior 201 40 °C to 200 °C E131
Jeio Tech ON-02G Drying Oven Thumbnail
Jeio Tech ON-02G Up to 250 °C E138, B142
Yamato ADP21 Vacuum Drying Oven Thumbnail
Thermo Scientific 658 Up to 210 °C E138
Yamato ADP-21 Vacuum Oven Thumbnail
Yamato ADP-21 Up to 240 °C E138
Yamato DKN402 Mechanical Convention Oven Thumbnail
Yamato DKN402 Up to 260 °C A115
Across International AT09
Across International AT09-UL Up to 249 °C A146
Fisher Scientific Isotemp Oven
Fisher Scientific Isotemp Oven 50 °C - 225 °C E135
Precision Scientific 19 Vacuum Oven
Precision Scientific 19 Vacuum Oven 35 °C - 225 °C Guidehall


Created December 7, 2017, Updated January 26, 2023