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Laboratory - Forms: Shipping, LEP, etc.

Laboratory Forms

Shipping Forms

All chemicals shipped to and from NCNR must be recorded. Supporting information (MSDS, Health Physics clearance, etc.) must be submitted with each form.

  • Non-radioactive Shipping - Web - An online shipping form for shipping samples and equipment that are not radioactive.
  • Non-radioactive Shipping - PDF - An editable PDF form for shipping samples and equipment that are not radioactive.
  • Radioactive Material Shipping Form - PDF - An editable PDF for shipping materials that are considered radioactive. Attach all documentation from Health Physics.
  • Receipt of Radioactive Materials - PDF - The NIST-364 must be completed prior to receiving radioactive materials at NIST. The PDF is only accessible to people within the NIST internal network.

New Laboratory Experiments

Prior to performing an experiment that has never been performed at the NCNR, approval must be granted. A Laboratory Experiment Proposal (LEP) must be on file.

  • LEP - Web - An online LEP form.
  • LEP - PDF - An editable PDF for the LEP.

Other Forms

  • Material Transfer Request Form - PDF - Any sample exposed to neutrons must be cleared by Health Physics prior to it leaving the building. This is an editable PDF of the form available in the HP offices.
Created August 30, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019