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Temperature Control

Information on furnaces, ovens, refrigerators, and freezers can be found on different pages.

ImageMake and ModelTemperature RangeLocation(s)
Labnet Digital Dry Bath Thumbnail
Labnet Digital Dry Bath5 °C to 150 °CA115,A146,E132,E135,E138
Thermo Neslab EX7 Circulating Bath Thumbnail
Thermo Neslab EX7 Circulating Bath12 °C to 200 °CE135
Thermo Scientific NESLAB RTE-7 Circulating Bath Thumbnail
Thermo Neslab RTE-7 Circulating Bath-25 °C to 150 °CA115,A123,E137
VWR Open Bath/Haake Temperature Control Module System Thumbnail
VWR Open Bath and Haake Temperature Control Module-30 °C to 200 °C 
Leico Heat Lamp Thumbnail
Leico Heat Lamp  
Sable Systems PTC-1 Cabinet and PELT-5 Controller Thumbnail
Sable Systems PTC-1 Cabinet and PELT-5 Controller~5 °C to 60 °CA123
A146 Benchmark Hotplate stirrer
Benchmark Hotplate stirrer A146


Created December 12, 2017, Updated April 9, 2024