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Image Manufacturer and Model Capacity Readability Location(s)
Ohaus AS200 Balance
Ohaus AS200 202 g 0.1 g A115, A127
Ohaus Explorer E02140 Balance
Ohaus Explorer E02140 210 g 0.1 g E131
Ohaus GA200 Balance
Ohaus GA200 40 g / 200 g 0.1 g E138
Ohaus GT410 Balance
Ohaus GT410 410 g 0.001 g B147, E137
Sartorius M-Power AZ124 Precision Balance
Sartorius M-Power AZ124 120 g 0.1 g E135
Sartorius CP153 Balance
Sartorius CP153 150 g 0.001 g E138
Sartorius CP224S Balance
Sartorius CP224S 120 g 0.001 g B189, E132, E134, E136, G100
Sartorius CPA223 Balance
Sartorius CPA223S 220 g 0.001 g A115
Sartorius CPA224S Balance
Sartorius CPA224S 220 g 0.001 g E134E135, A146
Sartorius TE124S Balance
Sartorius Talent TE124S 120 g 0.001 g E131 (in glovebox)
Mettler Toledo XP26 22g Micro Balance
Mettler Toledo XP26 22 g 0.001 g A119
Sartorius Entris 224-1S Balance
Sartorius Entris 224-1S 220 g 0.1 mg A121
A146 Mettler Toledo XP26
Mettler Toledo ML6002T 6200g 0.01 g A146


Created November 6, 2017, Updated March 2, 2020