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MBRAUN LabMaster 130 Glovebox

MBRAUN LabMaster 130 Glovebox

The glove box is dual-sided and single-length with three glove ports on each side of the box. It measures 1500 mm wide, 1118 mm deep and 914 mm high (59" x 44" x 36"). The full-view windows are made of LEXAN and the gloves are made from Tekaform. One 6-outlet power strip is provided inside the glove box and front-mounted fluorescent lamps are on each side.

The stainless steel cylindrical antechamber for transferring into and out of the glove box measures 390 mm in diameter and 600 m long (15" D, 24" L). Evacuation and refill are software controlled to prevent backfill into the glove box.

Under optimal conditions, less than 1 ppm of water and oxygen are present in the glove box. This is achieved through a single purifier column and a single speed blower controlled through an automatic regeneration program.

Please refer to the owner's manual for further information.

Usage Information

Access Information

  • The glove box most NOT be used as a fume hood.
  • The glove box is for use by NCNR staff ONLY. If you would like to use the glove box, please contact the listed contact person(s) or your local contact.
Created May 17, 2011, Updated February 24, 2020