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Terrence J Udovic (Assoc)


Thermal Polymorphism in CsCB11H12

Radovan Cerny, Matteo Brighi, Hui Wu, Wei Zhou, Mirjana Dimitrievska, Fabrizio Murgia, Valerio Gulino, Petra de Jongh, Benjamin Trump, Terrence J. Udovic
Thermal polymorphism in the alkali-metal salts incorporating the icosohedral monocarba-hydridoborate anion, CB11H12, results in intriguing dynamical properties

Patents (2018-Present)

Ambient Temperature Superionic Conducting Salt Including Metal Cation and Borate Anion or Carborate Anion and Process for Making Ambient Temperature Superionic Conducting Salt

NIST Inventors
Terrence J Udovic
A process for making a superionic conducting salt includes: combining a primary salt and an impact member, the primary salt including an ordered phase and being an ionic conductor; impacting the primary salt with the impact member; and converting the primary salt to the superionic conducting salt in
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022