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Instruments and Contacts

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SANS Instruments

Ultra-small angle neutron scattering (uSANS) 

Markus Bleuel, 5165, markus.bleuel [at]
Paul Butler, 2028, paul.butler [at]

nSOFT 10 m SANS instrument  

Ron Jones, 4624, ronald.jones [at]
Katie Weigandt, 8396, kathleen.weigandt [at]
Tyler Martin, 8866, tyler.martin [at]  
Mihchael Zhang, 5513, zhenhuan.zhang [at]

30 m SANS instrument (NG-B)

Paul Butler, 2028, paul.butler [at]
Susan Krueger, 6734, susan.krueger [at]
Yimin Mao, 6017, yimin.mao [at]
Michael Zhang, 5513, zhenhuan.zhang [at]

30 m SANS instrument (NG-7)

Susana Teixeira, 4404 susana.marujoteixeira [at]
Yimin Mao, 6017, yimin.mao [at]
John Barker, 6732, john.barker [at]
Kathryn Krycka, 8685, kathryn.krycka [at]
Jeff Krzywon, 6650, jkrzywon [at]

CHRNS Very-small angle neutron scattering (vSANS) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Elizabeth Kelley,  8584, elizabeth.kelley [at]
Yun Liu, 6235, yun.liu [at]
Kathryn Krycka, 8685, kathryn.krycka [at]
Ryan Murphy, 8544, ryan.murphy [at]
John Barker, 6732, john.barker [at]
Cedric Gagon, 2020, cedric.gagnon [at]


Polarized Beam Reflectometer (PBR)

Brian Kirby, 8395, brian.kirby [at]
Julie. Borchers, 6597, julie.borchers [at]
Chuck Majkrzak, 5251, cmajkrzak [at]

Off-Specular Reflectometer (MAGIK)

Joe Dura, 6251, joseph.dura [at]
Frank Heinrich, 4507, frank.heinrich [at]
Chuck Majkrzak, 5251, cmajkrzak [at]

Neutron reflectometer-horizontal sample (NG-7) 

Sushil Satija, 5250, satija [at]
Guangcui Yuan, 5098, guangcui.yuan [at]

CHRNS White-beam reflectometer/diffractometer (CANDOR) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Alex Grutter, 4198, alexander.grutter [at]
David Hoogerheide, 8839, david.hoogerheide [at]
Brian Maranville, 6034, brian.maranville [at]
Chuck Majkrzak, 5251, charles.majkrzak [at]


High resolution powder diffractometer

Judy Stalick, 6223, judith.stalick [at]
Hui Wu, 2387, hui.wu [at]
Qing Huang, 6164, qing.huang [at]
Craig Brown, 5134, craig.brown [at]

Residual stress diffractometer

Thomas Gnaeupel-Herold, 5380, thomas.gnaeupel-herold [at]

Neutron test station (PHADES)

Ross Erwin, 6245, ross.erwin [at]
Shannon Watson, 6232, shannon.watson [at]
Kathryn Krycka, 8685, kathryn.krycka [at]


Double-focusing triple-axis spectrometer (BT-7) 

Yang Zhao, 2164, yang.zhao [at]
Zhijun Xu, 8097, zhijun.xu [at]
Jeff Lynn, 6246, jeff.lynn [at]

Spin-polarized triple-axis spectrometer (SPINS) 

Guangyong Xu, 4144, leland.harriger [at]

Triple-axis spectrometer (BT-4)

William Ratcliff, 4316, william.ratcliff [at]

Filter-analyzer neutron spectrometer (FANS)

Terry Udovic, 6241, udovic [at]

Disk-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer (DCS)

Nick Butch, 4863, nicholas.butch [at]
Wei Zhou, 8169, wei.zhou [at]
Craig Brown, 5134, craig.brown [at]

CHRNS High-flux backscattering spectrometer (HFBS) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Madhu Tyagi, 2046, madhusudan.tyagi [at]
Tim Prisk, 6102, timothy.prisk [at]

CHRNS Neutron spin echo spectrometer (NSE) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Antonio Faraone, 5254, antonio.faraone [at]
Michihiro Nagao, 5505, michihiro.nagao [at]

CHRNS Multi-axis crystal spectrometer (MACS) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Jose Rodriguez, 6019, jose.rodriguez [at]
Yiming Qiu, 3274, yiming.qiu [at]

Neutron Imaging

Thermal Neutron Imaging Station (BT-2)

Jake LaManna, 6809, jacob.lamanna [at]
David Jacobson, 6207, david.jacobson [at]
Eli Baltic, 4842, eli.baltic [at]
Dan Hussey, 6465, daniel.hussey [at]

Cold Neutron Imaging Station (NG-6)

Dan Hussey, 6465, daniel.hussey [at]
Eli Baltic, 4842, eli.baltic [at]
David Jacobson, 6207, david.jacobson [at]
Jake LaManna, 6809, jacob.lamanna [at]

Neutron Physics

Fundamental neutron physics station (NG-C) 

Shannon Hoogerheide, 8582, shannon.hoogerheide [at]
Scott Dewey, 4843, mdewey [at]

Alpha-Gamma (NG-6m) 

Scott Dewey, 4843, mdewey [at]
Pieter Mumm, 8355, hans.mumm [at]

Magnetic Dipole Moment (NG-6a) 

Tom Gentile, 5431, thomas.gentile [at]
Mike Huber, 5641, michael.huber [at]

Neutron interferometer (NG-7)

Mike Huber, 5641, michael.huber [at]
Dmitry Pushin, 4792, dmitry.pushin [at]
Shannon Hoogerheide, 8582, shannon.hoogerheide [at]

Analytical Chemistry

Cold-neutron prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis (PGAA)

Rick Paul, 6287, rpaul [at]
Heather Chen-Mayer, 5595, heather.chen-mayer [at]

Thermal-neutron prompt-gamma activation analysis (VT-5) 

Rick Paul, 6287, rpaul [at]

Cold neutron depth profiling (CNDP)

Jamie Weaver, 6311, jamie.weaver [at]

Other activation analysis facilities

Nick Sharp, 3926, [at]
Rick Paul, 6287, rpaul [at]

Theory and modeling

Joseph Curtis, 3959, joseph.curtis [at]
Taner Yildirim,  6228, taner [at]

User Office


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