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Instruments and Contacts

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SANS Instruments

Ultra-small angle neutron scattering (uSANS) 

Markus Bleuel, 5165,
Paul Butler, 2028,

nSOFT 10 m SANS instrument  

Ron Jones, 4624,
Katie Weigandt, 8396,
Tyler Martin, 8866,  
Mihchael Zhang, 5513,

30 m SANS instrument (NG-B)

Paul Butler, 2028,
Susan Krueger, 6734,
Yimin Mao, 6017,
Michael Zhang, 5513,

30 m SANS instrument (NG-7)

Susana Teixeira, 4404
Yimin Mao, 6017,
John Barker, 6732,
Kathryn Krycka, 8685,
Jeff Krzywon, 6650,

CHRNS Very-small angle neutron scattering (vSANS) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Elizabeth Kelley,  8584,
Yun Liu, 6235,
Kathryn Krycka, 8685,
Ryan Murphy, 8544,
John Barker, 6732,
Cedric Gagon, 2020,


Polarized Beam Reflectometer (PBR)

Brian Kirby, 8395,
Julie. Borchers, 6597,
Chuck Majkrzak, 5251,

Off-Specular Reflectometer (MAGIK)

Joe Dura, 6251,
Frank Heinrich, 4507,
Chuck Majkrzak, 5251,

Neutron reflectometer-horizontal sample (NG-7) 

Sushil Satija, 5250,
Guangcui Yuan, 5098,

CHRNS White-beam reflectometer/diffractometer (CANDOR) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Alex Grutter, 4198,
David Hoogerheide, 8839,
Brian Maranville, 6034,
Chuck Majkrzak, 5251,


High resolution powder diffractometer

Judy Stalick, 6223,
Hui Wu, 2387,
Qing Huang, 6164,
Craig Brown, 5134,

Residual stress diffractometer

Thomas Gnaeupel-Herold, 5380,

Neutron test station (PHADES)

Ross Erwin, 6245,
Shannon Watson, 6232,
Kathryn Krycka, 8685,


Double-focusing triple-axis Spectrometer (BT-7) 

Yang Zhao, 2164,
Zhijun Xu, 8097,
Jeff Lynn, 6246,

Spin-polarized triple-axis spectrometer (SPINS) 

Guangyong Xu, 4144,

Triple-axis spectrometer (BT-4)

William Ratcliff, 4316,

Filter-analyzer neutron spectrometer (FANS)

Terry Udovic, 6241,

Disk-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer (DCS)

Nick Butch, 4863,
Wei Zhou, 8169,
Craig Brown, 5134,

CHRNS High-flux backscattering spectrometer (HFBS) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Madhu Tyagi, 2046,
Tim Prisk, 6102,

CHRNS Neutron spin echo spectrometer (NSE) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Antonio Faraone, 5254,
Michihiro Nagao, 5505,

CHRNS Multi-angle crystal spectrometer (MACS) Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering small logo

Jose Rodriguez, 6019,
Yiming Qiu, 3274,

Neutron Imaging

Thermal Neutron Imaging Station (BT-2)

Jake LaManna, 6809,
David Jacobson, 6207,
Eli Baltic, 4842,
Dan Hussey, 6465,

Cold Neutron Imaging Station (NG-6)

Dan Hussey, 6465,
Eli Baltic, 4842,
David Jacobson, 6207,
Jake LaManna, 6809,

Neutron Physics

Fundamental neutron physics station (NG-C) 

Shannon Hoogerheide, 8582,
Scott Dewey, 4843,

Alpha-Gamma (NG-6m) 

Scott Dewey, 4843,
Pieter Mumm, 8355,

Magnetic Dipole Moment (NG-6a) 

Tom Gentile, 5431,
Mike Huber, 5641,

Neutron interferometer (NG-7)

Mike Huber, 5641,
Dmitry Pushin, 4792,
Shannon Hoogerheide, 8582,

Analytical Chemistry

Cold-neutron prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis (PGAA)

Rick Paul, 6287,
Heather Chen-Mayer, 5595,

Thermal-neutron prompt-gamma activation analysis (VT-5) 

Rick Paul, 6287,

Cold neutron depth profiling (CNDP)

Jamie Weaver, 6311,

Other activation analysis facilities

Nick Sharp, 3926,
Rick Paul, 6287,

Theory and modeling

Joseph Curtis, 3959,
Taner Yildirim,  6228,

User Office


Created April 17, 2017, Updated June 2, 2021