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CHRNS CANDOR - White-Beam Reflectometer


CANDOR Picture
CANDOR Schematic
CANDOR wavelength selection
Credit: Brian J. Kirby



  • Q resolution, dQ/Q, ~0.025
  • Fractional wavelength resolution ~0.015
  • Angular resolution ranging from 1 to 10 minutes (of arc)
  • Significantly higher usable intensity incident on sample (expect more than an order of magnitude or more increase)
  • Background should not increase for a broader intensity beam wavelength band (assuming elastic scattering only) but may increase with an incident beam of greater angular divergence

Scientific Opportunities/Applications

. . . Should enable (conservative prediction)

  • Significantly shorter measurement times for a given sample size (or smaller sample volumes for a given data collection time)
  • Opportunities for measurements of structural evolution in real time

. . . Might enable (pushing the envelope)

  • The possibility of performing phase-sensitive specular NR measurements, which is the equivalent of one-dimensional real space imaging, in real time
Created November 20, 2019, Updated March 27, 2020