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Brian B. Maranville (Fed)


Instrument scientist for the CANDOR neutron reflectometer

Research interests:


Exchange-Biased Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect

Peng Zhang, Purnima P. Balakrishnan, Christopher Eckberg, Peng Deng, Tomohiro Nozaki, Sukong Chong, Patrick Quarterman, Megan Holtz, Brian B. Maranville, Gang Qiu, Lei Pan, Eve Emmanouilidou, Ni Ni, Masashi Sahashi, Alexander Grutter, Kang L. Wang
The quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect is characterized by a dissipationless chiral edge state with a quantized Hall resistance at zero magnetic field

Three-Dimensional Structure of Hybrid Magnetic Skyrmions Determined by Neutron Scattering

W. L. N. C. Liyanage, Nan Tang, Lizabeth J. Quigley, Julie A. Borchers, Alexander Grutter, Brian B. Maranville, Sunil Sinha, Nicolas Reyren, Sergio A. Montoya, Eric E. Fullerton, Lisa Debeer-Schmitt, Dustin A. Gilbert
Magnetic skyrmions are topologically protected chiral spin structures which present opportunities for next-generation magnetic data storage and logic
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022