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University of Maryland Outreach Program

There is a wide range of neutron scattering techniques, each uniquely suited to solve many problems of current scientific and technological interest. One of the goals of the NCNR is to provide scientists from across the nation with the opportunity to utilize the neutron instrumentation and capabilities at NIST to solve these problems. However, this can represent a significant barrier for scientists who are not already well-versed in neutron scattering, in that they don't have the experience, knowledge, or familiarity to successfully use the facilities. To encourage new users and provide them with this essential educational opportunity, the University of Maryland has developed an outreach program to assist first-time users to come to the neutron facility and carry out an experiment, in close cooperation with NIST scientific staff.

To qualify for this program, a user

  • Must have a neutron proposal that has been approved by the Beam Time Allocation Committee (BTAC), or a formal request that has been approved by one of the instrument scientists (i.e. you must have beam time).
  • Must be from a US University. Preference will be given to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and junior faculty, in that order.
  • A travel stipend of up to $500 will be paid to the new user to help offset travel and subsistence expenses. The stipend will be processed as a travel reimbursement through the University of Maryland and a U.S. social security number is required to submit the paperwork. Original receipts will be required for all expenses except food (food expenses are based on a per diem which is currently $39/day). Eligible expenses requiring a receipt include: hotel, airfare, car rental, mileage for personal car and parking. Assistance will be provided to an individual one time only.
  • There is a maximum of two new scientists per experiment that will be funded.


To apply for this program, send an email message to Professor Robert Briber at neutron_outreach [at] (the University of Maryland.) An application form will be sent to you electronically. This will be evaluated, and you will be notified of the decision.


    Created April 19, 2017, Updated December 2, 2019