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NCNR Facility Upgrades during the Unplanned Outage

CHRNS: Cryogenic Systems

Orange cryostat upgrades

The original helium flow ILL ‘orange’ cryostats have a single 1.5 K heat exchanger. This results in cryostat preparation and sample change times on the order of hours.

We continue upgrading the fleet of NCNR ILL cryostats by equipping them with additional heat exchangers resulting in more cooling power, faster preparation and sample changing times (see Figure 1). It now takes under half the time to prepare the upgraded cryostats. During last year two more cryostats have been upgraded and two more will be done next year.

Projects operating under CHRNS are labeled as such and a separate series of content is linked for the CHRNS Non-Equilibrium Structure of Materials.


Created January 4, 2022, Updated May 6, 2024