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Schematic of neutron reflectivity (plane-waves)

Reflectometry uses neutrons scattered at grazing angles to probe the nuclear and magnetic composition of flat samples. Common types of materials studied include biological membranes, magnetic multilayers, and polymer films. The NCNR currently operates three reflectometers - PBR, MAGIK, and NG-7 - each specially configured for different types of research. Additionally, construction is underway on CANDOR, a revolutionary new white beam reflectometer. Please visit the instrument pages (linked at right) for specific information.This is a typical result from measuring a single-layer thin-film sample with reflectometry; a clear set of interference fringes is visible, and gives information about the thickness, density and roughness of the layer. 

Interactive online scattering demos

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polarized reflectivity calculator
Polarized reflectivity calculator
Practice aligning
Instrument simulator
Off-specular planner
Offspecular scattering planner
Created April 17, 2017, Updated July 13, 2020