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MAGIK Reflectometer


Off-specular scattering Ewald construction
Off-specular scattering Ewald construction

The MAGIK reflectometer complements the Polarized Beam Reflectometer and the Horizontal-Geometry Reflectometer in providing specialized capabilities for measurements of in-plane scattering in addition to world-class depth-profiling (with specular reflectivity) of biological,battery/electrochemicalpolymer, and magnetic thin films. A Horizontal Sample Mode has recently been added, enabling neutron reflectometry of liquid/gas interfaces.

Polarized-beam measurements are possible with the use of a 3He analyzer.

This instrument is an evolution of the AND/R reflectometer, which was located on the NG-1 guide. MAGIK is located along the NG-D guide in the expanded guide hall (part of the NCNR's Expansion Initiative).

Interactive online scattering demos

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Created September 27, 2018, Updated February 7, 2022