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Susana Marujo Teixeira (Assoc)

Research Associate Professor at the University of Delaware | Guest researcher at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

Susana Teixeira graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon in 1997, majoring in Applied Chemistry. She received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Reading (England), for X-ray crystallographic studies of biomacromolecular structures of interest in Food and Pharmaceuticals. Susana worked for 12 years at the European Photon and Neutron campus (Grenoble, France), first joining the Institut Laue Langevin (ILL) as a Keele University Postdoctoral Research Associate. From 2008 to 2015, Susana was a joint Lecturer and Instrument Scientist, splitting her teaching and research activities between France and England. Susana is currently a University of Delaware Guest Researcher at the NIST Center for Neutron Research, working as an Instrument Scientist in the Small Angle Neutron Scattering group, where she is committed to R&D to enable in-situ measurements in relatively extreme conditions, such as high hydrostatic pressure and low temperatures. Susana is one of the Directors for undergraduate internships at the NIST Center for Neutron Research, which include the SURF and CORE programs. At the University of Delaware, Susana is committed to training the next generations of neutron users, teaching and training students both at graduate and undergraduate levels.




A Round-Robin Approach Provides a Detailed Assessment of Biomolecular Small-Angle Scattering Data Reproducibility and Yields Consensus Curves for Benchmarking.

Jill Trewhella, Patrice Vachette, Jan Bierma, Clement Blanchet, Emre Brookes, Srinivas Chakravarthy, Leonie Chatzimagas, Thomas Cleveland, Nathan Cowieson, Ben Crossett, Anthony P. Duff, Daniel Franke, Frank Gabel, Richard E. Gillilan, Melissa Graewert, Alexander Grishaev, Jules M. Guss, Michal Hammel, Jesse Hopkins, Qingqui Huang, Jochen S. Hub, Gregory L. Hura, Thomas C. Irving, Cy M. Jeffries, Cheol Jeong, Nigel Kirby, Susan N. Krueger, Anne Martel, Tsutomu Matsui, Na Li, Javier Perez, Lionel Porcar, Thierry Prange, Ivan Rajkovic, Mattia Rocco, Daniel J. Rosenberg, Timothy M. Ryan, Soenke Seifert, Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Dmitri Svergun, Susana C. Marujo Teixeira, Aurelien Thureau, Thomas M. Weiss, Andrew Whitten, Kathleen Wood, Xiaobing Zuo
Small-Angle Scattering (SAS) data from 5 candidate proteins (RNaseA, lysozyme, xylanase, urate oxidase and xylose isomerase) were measured on 12 Small-Angle X

Membrane transporter dimerization driven by differential lipid solvation energetics of dissociated and associated states

Rahul Chadda, Nathan Bernhardt, Elizabeth Kelley, Susana Marujo Teixeira, Kacie Griffith, Alejandro Gil-Ley, Tugba Ozturk, Lauren Hughes, Ana Forsythe, Venkatramanan Krishnamani, Jose Faraldo-Gomez, Janice Robertson
Over two-thirds of integral membrane proteins of known structure assemble into oligomers. Yet, the forces that drive the association of these proteins remain to

Effect of Phosphorylation on a Human-like Osteopontin Peptide

Samuel Lenton, Marco Grimaldo, Felix Roosen-Runge, Frank Schreiber, Tommy Nylander, Roger Clegg, Carl Holt, Michael Hartlein, Victoria Garcia Sakai, Tilo Seydel, Susana C. Marujo Teixeira
Osteopontin is a disordered phosphoprotein that is expressed in many species and tissues and has a range of distinct functions. A notable property of more
Created March 16, 2019, Updated June 4, 2024