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Jonathan Gaudet (IntlAssoc)


Stripe Helical Magnetism and Two Regimes of Anomalous Hall Effect in NdAlGe

Hung-Yu Yang, Jonathan N. Gaudet, Rahul Verma, Santu Baidya, Faranak Bahrami, Xiaohan Yao, Cheng-Yi Huang, Lisa Debeer-Schmitt, Adam A. Aczel, Guangyong Xu, Hsin Lin, Arun Bansil, Bahadur Singh, Fazel Tafti
We report the magnetic and electronic transport properties of the inversion and time-reversal symmetry breaking Weyl semimetal NdAlGe. This material is

Incommensurate Magnetic Orders and Possible Topological Hall Effect in the Square-Net Centrosymmetric EuGa2Al2 System

Jaime Moya, Shiming Lei, Eleanor Clements, Caitlin Kengle, Stella Sun, Kevin Allen, Qizhi Li, Y. Peng, Ali Husain, Matteo Mitrano, Matthew Krogstad, Raymond Osborn, Anand Puthirath, Songxue Chi, Lisa Debeer-Schmitt, Jonathan N. Gaudet, P. Abbamonte, Jeffrey Lynn, E. Morosan
Neutron diffraction on the centrosymmetric square-net magnet EuGa 2 Al 2 reveals multiple incommensurate magnetic states (AFM1,2,3) in zero field. In applied
Created December 8, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022