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Michihiro Nagao (Assoc)


Nanoscale Bending Dynamics in Mixed-Chain Lipid Membranes

Elizabeth Kelley, Moritz Frewein, Orsolya Czakkel, Michihiro Nagao
Lipids that have two tails of different lengths are found throughout biomembranes in nature, yet the effects of this asymmetry on the membrane properties, are

Probing the Link between Pancratistatin and Mitochondrial Apoptosis through Changes in the Membrane Dynamics on the Nanoscale

Stuart R. Castillo, Brett W. Rickeard, Mitchell DiPasquale, Michael H. Nguyen, Aislyn Lewis-Laurent, Milka Doktorova, Batuhan Kav, Markus S. Miettinen, Michihiro Nagao, Elizabeth Kelley, Drew Marquardt
Pancratistatin (PST) is a natural antiviral alkaloid that has demonstrated specificity towards cancerous cells and explicitly targets the mitochondria. PST

Relationship between Viscosity and Acyl Tail Dynamics in Lipid Bilayers

Michihiro Nagao, Elizabeth Kelley, Antonio Faraone, Makina Saito, Yoshitaka Yoda, Masayuki Kurokuzu, Shinichi Takata, Makoto Seto, Paul Butler
Membrane viscosity is a fundamental property that controls molecular transport and structural rearrangements in lipid membranes. Given its importance in many
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022