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Collin L. Broholm (Assoc)


Pristine Quantum Criticality in a Kondo Semimetal

Wesley T. Fuhrman, Andrey Sidorenko, Jonathan Hanel, Hannes Winkler, Andrey Prokofiev, Jose Rodriguez Rivera, Yiming Qiu, Peter Blaha, Qimiao Si, Collin L. Broholm, Silke Paschen
The observation of quantum criticality in diverse classes of strongly correlated electron systems has been instrumental in establishing ordering principles

Noncollinear Ferromagnetic Weyl Semimetal with Anisotropic Anomalous Hall Effect

Hung-Yu Yang, Bahadur Singh, Jonathan Gaudet, Baozhu Lu, Cheng-Yi Huang, Wei-Chi Chiu, Shin-Ming Huang, Baokai Wang, Faranak Bahrami, Bochao Xu, Jacob Franklin, Ilya Sochnikov, David Graf, Guangyong Xu, Yang Zhao, Christina Hoffman, Hsin Lin, Darius Torchinsky, Collin L. Broholm, Arun Bansil, Fazel Tafti

Multiphase Magnetism in Yb2Ti2O7

Allen Scheie, Jonas Kindervater, Shu Zhang, Hitesh Changlani, G. Sala, Georg Ehlers, Andre Heinemann, Gregory Tucker, Seyed Koohpayeh, Collin L. Broholm
Created October 9, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022