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Paul Kienzle


Optimization of Reflectometry Experiments using Information Theory

Bradley W. Treece, Paul A. Kienzle, David P. Hoogerheide, Charles F. Majkrzak, Peter M. Loesche, Frank Heinrich
A method based on Bayesian statistics and information theory is developed to analyze the information gain {Δ}H of surface-sensitive reflectometry experiments

Nanolayer Analysis by Neutron Reflectometry

Joseph A. Dura, Eric Daniel Rus, Paul Kienzle, Brian B. Maranville
Neutron reflectometry offers unique benefits for nanolayer research in green chemistry by providing accurate depth profiles of thin films and interfaces with

Bayesian Method for the Analysis of Diffraction Patterns using BLAND

Joseph E. Lesniewski, Steven M.T. Disseler, Dylan J. Quintanta, Paul Kienzle, William D. Ratcliff
Rietveld refinement of x-ray and neutron diffraction patterns is routinely used to solve crystal and magnetic structures of organic and inorganic materials over
Created May 31, 2018