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Yang Zhao (Assoc)


Spin-orbital order and excitons in magnetoresistive HoBi

Jonathan N. Gaudet, H. Yang, E. Smith, T. Halloran, J. Clancy, Jose Rodriguez Rivera, Guangyong Xu, Yang Zhao, Wangchun Chen, G. Sala, Adam A. Aczel, B. Gaulin, Fazel Tafti, Collin L. Broholm
The magnetism of the rock-salt fcc rare-earth monopnictide HoBi, a candidate topological material with extreme magnetoresistance, is investigated. From the Ho3+

Frustrated Magnetic Interactions and Quenched Spin Fluctuations in CrAs

Yayuan Qin, Yao Shen, Yiqing Hao, Hongliang Wo, Shoudong Shen, Russell A. Ewings, Yang Zhao, Leland Harriger, Jeffrey Lynn, Jun Zhao
The discovery of pressure-induced superconductivity in helimagnets (CrAs, MnP) has attracted significant interest in understanding the relationship between

Phase Diagram of YbZnGaO4 in Applied Magnetic Field

William Steinhardt, P. A. Maksimov, Sachith Dissanayake, Zhenzhong Shi, Nicholas Butch, David Graf, Andrey Podlesnyak, Yaohua Liu, Yang Zhao, Guangyong Xu, Jeffrey Lynn, Casey Marjerrison, A. L. Chernyshev, Sara Haravifard
Recently, Yb-based triangular lattice antiferromagnets have garnered significant interest as possible quantum spin liquid candidates. One example is YbMgGaO 4

Weyl-mediated helical magnetism in NdAlSi

Jonathan Gaudet, Hung-Yu Yang, Santu Baidya, Baozhu Lu, Guangyong Xu, Yang Zhao, Jose Rodriguez Rivera, Christina M. Hoffman, David E. Graf, Darius H. Torchinsky, Predrag Nikolic, David Vanderbilt, Fazel Tafti, Collin L. Broholm
Emergent relativistic quasiparticles in Weyl semimetals are the source of exotic electronic properties such as surface Fermi arcs, the anomalous Hall effect and
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022