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Self-Assessment Testimonials

"People ask, 'Why Baldrige?' My answer is very simple: a Triple-A bond rating on Wall Street from all three rating agencies, bringing capital projects in on time and within budget, a 96 percent business satisfaction rating, a 94 percent resident satisfaction rating, an overall quality rating of 95 percent, and an employee satisfaction rating of 97 percent. ...That's why we're involved with Baldrige."
—Michael Levinson, City Manager, City of Coral Springs, Florida, 2007 Baldrige Award recipient

"The economic environment is difficult for Cargill Corn Milling, as it is difficult for many manufacturing companies today. But ... by utilizing the processes and tools that we've learned from Baldrige, we're able to not only meet these challenges but actually excel in them."
—Alan Willits, President and Business Unit Leader, Cargill Corn Milling, 2008 Baldrige Award recipient

"The Baldrige process has helped us in patient safety specifically by allowing us to have a process to identify areas where we can improve, make improvements, evaluate if those improvements have been successful, and then make changes and implement them."
—Rulon Stacey, President, Poudre Valley Health System, 2008 Baldrige Award recipient

"The biggest challenge any organization has today is sustaining high performance, and I really believe the Baldrige model focuses attention on all aspects of the business and forces you to continually reassess and reevaluate everything that you're doing."
—Ken Schnitzer, Chairman, Park Place Lexus, 2005 Award recipient

"The Baldrige Award application process has provided our company with many learning and continuous improvement opportunities, making PRO-TEC better for the endeavor. ...We have created systems and improved business processes that have enhanced our ability to deliver value to our customers and provide sustainability to our associates, suppliers, parent companies, and the community."
—W. Paul Worstell, President, PRO-TEC Coating Company, 2007 Baldrige Award recipient

 "We applied for the Award, not with the idea of winning, but with the goal of receiving the evaluation of the Baldrige Examiners. That evaluation was comprehensive, professional, and insightful l... making it perhaps the most cost-effective, value-added business consultation available anywhere in the world today."
—Bob Barnett, Executive Vice President, Motorola Commercial, Government & Industrial Solutions Sector, Inc., 2002 Baldrige Award recipient

"We are seeing some challenges and some changes in American business, American enterprise, but [the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award] is a reminder of things that must never change: the passion for excellence, the drive to innovate, the hard work that goes with any successful enterprise."
—George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States


Video: Rulon Stacey, Poudre Valley Health System 


  • Baldrige Customer Service
    (301) 975-2036
    100 Bureau Drive, M/S 1020
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1020
Created March 25, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019