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New to Baldrige

New to Baldrige? We're Here to Help.

"When we began applying the Baldrige principles to our business, little did I realize how different my life and business would become. We achieved significant improvements in business performance ... enabled by a cultural transformation to an empowered workforce.... So when asked 'Why Baldrige?', I have to answer, "Why not?" I have the personal experiences to show that it truly works!"
—E. David Spong, former Vice President and General Manager, Boeing Airlift and Tanker Programs, 1998 Award recipient, and former President, Boeing Aerospace Support, 2003 Award recipient

If you are just learning about Baldrige, you may be asking yourself, "Where do I start?" The Baldrige Criteria 101 (MS-Word) is one place to begin.

The good news is that you are not alone. Free tools and resources are available to help you get started on your Baldrige journey to performance excellence. In addition, many other organizations have taken the journey, and the Baldrige Community stands ready to assist you. 

Get Started with These Baldrige Tools

For insight into your organization's current level of performance and opportunities for improvement, try these tools.

Learn about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

For 25 years, the Baldrige Program has provided American organizations with the tools to improve performance and competitiveness in the United States' economy. With the help of the Baldrige Criteria, Baldrige Examiners, and the Baldrige community, the program aims to promote excellence, educate leaders in a number of industries, and honor those who are national role models. Learn more about the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, what Baldrige does to help organizations, and the transition to a sustainable business model.

Created February 18, 2010, Updated May 9, 2019