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Baldrige 20/20: An Executive's Guide to the Criteria for Performance Excellence

Baldrige 20/20 Cover Page

Baldrige 20/20: An Executive's Guide to the Criteria for Performance Excellence PDF

A publication from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

Baldrige 20/20: An Executive's Guide to the Criteria for Performance Excellence helps executives of any organization discover the benefits of using the Baldrige Excellence Framework to strive for excellence, achieve breakthrough performance, and face tomorrow's challenges with confidence.

In this book, leaders of Baldrige Award winners from all sectors share their success stories and eye-opening results from their organization's journey to excellence.

Why should you read Baldrige 20/20?

Why should you read Baldrige 20/20? Because you want your organization to survive and thrive as a respected organization today and as a respected organization in the year 2020, and because 20/20 hindsight is easy but 20/20 foresight is not. The Baldrige Award winners whose results, stories, and strategies are shared in this book provide guidance on achieving 20/20 foresight.

The 86 organizations that have received the Baldrige Award between 1988 and 2010 have proven that applying the Baldrige Criteria to the way they run their businesses has led to better financial results; satisfied, loyal customers; improved products and services; and an engaged workforce. In addition, these role-models have used the Criteria to successfully address new challenges and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

What can you expect from Baldrige 20/20?

Baldrige 20/20 features five sections packed with results and examples from these organizations that have been nationally recognized for outstanding performance.

  • "Representative Role Models and Data"
  • "Award Winners' Journeys: How Baldrige Led Them to Excellence"
  • "The Criteria: Framework for Performance Excellence"
  • "How Can the Baldrige Program Help You Now?"
  • "Examples by Criteria Category"

As Cargill CEO and President Greg Page notes in the foreword, "Baldrige 20/20 provides today's executives with practical examples and keen insights on how organizations can stay focused and excel."


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Created September 27, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019