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2013–2014 Criteria

2013–2014 Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence For 25 years, the Baldrige Criteria have empowered organizations—no matter their size, sector, or industry—to reach their goals, improve results, and become more competitive.

The 2013–2014 Criteria build on this tradition and feature a renewed focus on
  • innovation management, intelligent risk, and strategic priorities;
  • social media;
  • operational effectiveness; and
  • work systems and core competencies.
The Criteria are a set of questions about critical aspects of managing and performing as an organization. These questions work together as a unique, integrated performance management framework.

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There are three versions of the 2013–2014 Criteria:


Criteria for Performance Excellence

(known as the Business/Nonprofit Criteria; for manufacturing, service, small business, nonprofit, and government organizations)

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2013-2014 Baldrige Education Criteria Cover

Education Criteria for Performance Excellence

(for education organizations)

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2013-2014 Baldrige Health Care Criteria Cover

Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence

(for health care organizations)

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The Baldrige Criteria play three roles in strengthening U.S. competitiveness:

  • They help improve organizational performance practices, capabilities, and results.
  • They facilitate communication and sharing of best practices.
  •  They serve as a working tool for understanding and managing organizational performance, for guiding your strategic plan, and for providing opportunities to learn.


About 100 performance or business excellence programs exist around the globe. Most use the Baldrige Criteria or criteria based on Baldrige as their performance excellence models.

The Baldrige Program is a member of the Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council, made up of the chief executives of national excellence models and award programs from around the world.

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Created December 10, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016