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2011 TriView National Bank Case Study Packet

2011 TriView National Bank Case Study Cover Page

2011 TriView National Bank Case StudyPDF
2011 TriView National Bank Feedback Report PDF
2011 TriView National Bank Scorebook PDF
2011 TriView National Bank Executive Summary PDF

Case study packets illustrate the Baldrige Award application and evaluation process. Each packet includes

  • a case study, which is a sample Baldrige Award application showing a fictitious organization's responses to the requirements of the Baldrige Excellence Framework
  • a scorebook produced by a team of Baldrige examiners who evaluate the fictitious application against the Criteria
  • a feedback report modeled on the report received by actual Baldrige Award applicants
  • an executive summary describing the case study's components and use 

Case studies show you the format and general content of a Baldrige Award application. However, because the primary purpose of the case study is to provide learning opportunities for Baldrige examiners and others, the case study purposely does not address all Criteria requirements or demonstrate role-model responses in all areas. See the case study scorebook and feedback report to learn how the fictitious organization scored and to see its strengths and opportunities for improvement.

TriView National Bank Case Study

TriView National Bank (TNB) is a privately held bank headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. With $6 billion in assets and 47 branches, TNB is a super-community bank. Its wide range of services and products include those for consumer, small business, and commercial customers, as well as a newly acquired mortgage company. The TriView National Bank Case Study is based on the 2011-2012 Criteria for Performance Excellence (no longer available; however the current Business / Nonprofit version is available).


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Created June 21, 2011, Updated November 15, 2019