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Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Russell E. Hajdaj Division Safety Representative russell.hajdaj [at] Fed
James Alexander Liddle Division Chief (Acting) james.liddle [at] Fed
Ramona Boykin Division Secretary ramona.boykin [at] Fed
John A. Kramar Deputy Chief john.kramar [at] Fed

Photonics and Optomechanics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Thomas W. LeBrun Group Leader thomas.lebrun [at] Fed
Karen Honeycutt Group Office Manager karen.honeycutt [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Amit Agrawal amit.agrawal [at] Fed
Vladimir Aksyuk vladimir.aksyuk [at] Fed
Alex Azarov alexei.azarov [at] IntlAssoc
Yiliang Bao yiliang.bao [at] Assoc
Sean Bresler sean.bresler [at] Assoc
Rezlind Bushati rezlind.bushati [at] Assoc
Kyle Chapkin kyle.chapkin [at] Fed
Liam Connolly liam.connolly [at] Fed
Dhruv Fomra dhruv.fomra [at] IntlAssoc
Jason J. Gorman jason.gorman [at] Fed
Kyunghun Han kyunghun.han [at] Assoc
Melvin Hawes melvin.hawes [at] Assoc
Usman Javid usman.javid [at] IntlAssoc
Shatha Kaassamani shatha.kaassamani [at] IntlAssoc
Kate Klein kate.klein [at] Assoc
Okan Koksal okan.koksal [at] Assoc
John R. Lawall john.lawall [at] Fed
Thomas W. LeBrun thomas.lebrun [at] Fed
Henri Lezec henri.lezec [at] Fed
Omar Lopez omar.lopez [at] Assoc
Xiyuan Lu [at] IntlAssoc
Kiana Malmir kiana.malmir [at] Assoc
Dhriti Maurya dhriti.maurya [at] IntlAssoc
Elieser Mejia elieser.mejia [at] Assoc
Michael Melton Ctr
Gregory Moille gregory.moille [at] Assoc
Edgar Perez edgar.perez [at] Assoc
Chad Ropp chad.ropp [at] Assoc
Marvin Schewe tobias.schewe [at] IntlAssoc
Junyeob Song [at] Assoc
Kartik Srinivasan kartik.srinivasan [at] Fed
Jordan Stone jordan.stone [at] Assoc
Yi Sun yi.sun [at] IntlAssoc
Thirumalai Venkatesan thirumalai.venkatesan [at] Assoc
Andras E. Vladar andras.vladar [at] Fed
Zi Wang [at] IntlAssoc
Alexander Yulaev alexander.yulaev [at] Assoc
Roy Zekzer roy.t.zekzer [at] IntlAssoc
Wenqi Zhu wenqi.zhu [at] Fed

Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Samuel M. Stavis Group Leader samuel.stavis [at] Fed
Amanda Twyman Group Office Manager mallori.twyman [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ashish Chanana ashish.chanana [at] IntlAssoc
Craig R. Copeland craig.copeland [at] Fed
Marcelo Davanco marcelo.davanco [at] Fed
Ronald G. Dixson ron.dixson [at] Fed
Sandra Gutierrez Razo sandra.a.gutierrezrazo [at] Assoc
Kuo-Tang Liao kuo-tang.liao [at] Fed
Andrew Madison andrew.madison [at] Fed
Muneesh Maheshwari muneesh.maheshwari [at] IntlAssoc
Ishiaka Mansaray ishiaka.mansaray [at] Assoc
Olga Ridzel olga.ridzel [at] IntlAssoc
Samuel M. Stavis samuel.stavis [at] Fed
James Teevan Ctr
John S. Villarrubia john.villarrubia [at] Fed
Tristan Wilkinson tristan.wilkinson [at] Assoc

Biophysical and Biomedical Measurement Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael Zwolak Group Leader michael.zwolak [at] Fed
Terri S. Kroft Group Office Manager terri.kroft [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Nandita Abhyankar nandita.abhyankar [at] IntlAssoc
Arvind Balijepalli arvind.balijepalli [at] Fed
Swapnil Baral swapnil.baral [at] IntlAssoc
Derrick Butler derrick.butler [at] Fed
Kurt Castro kurt.castro [at] Assoc
Megan Catterton megan.catterton [at] Fed
Graylen Chickering graylen.chickering [at] Assoc
Seulki Cho seulki.cho [at] IntlAssoc
Gregory A. Cooksey gregory.cooksey [at] Fed
Matthew DiSalvo matthew.disalvo [at] Fed
Nicholas Drachman nicholas.drachman [at] Assoc
Justin Elenewski justin.elenewski [at] Assoc
Boris Epel boris.epel [at] Ctr
Eric Esch frederick.esch [at] Assoc
Mandy Esch mandy.esch [at] Fed
Nicholas Guros Assoc
Alexander Guttenplan alexander.guttenplan [at] Fed
Alexander Guttenplan alexander.guttenplan [at] Fed
Siena Iavarone-Garza siena.iavarone-garza [at] Assoc
Michael Lamontagne michael.lamontagne [at] Fed
Eun Jin Lee eunjin.lee [at] Assoc
Jacob Majikes jacob.majikes [at] Assoc
Shannon Newell shannon.newell [at] Assoc
Tadas Penkauskas tadas.penkauskas [at] IntlAssoc
Nikita Podobedov nikita.podobedov [at] Assoc
Darwin Reyes-Hernandez darwin.reyes [at] Fed
Joseph Robertson joey.robertson [at] Fed
Subin Sahu subin.sahu [at] Assoc
Jordan Stepney jordan.stepney [at] Assoc
Veronika Szalai veronika.szalai [at] Fed
Karina Torres Castro karina.torrescastro [at] IntlAssoc
Alisha Wu alisha.wu [at] Assoc
Yang Yang yang.yang [at] IntlAssoc
Alexandros Zestos alexandros.zestos [at] Assoc
Michael Zwolak michael.zwolak [at] Fed

Microsystems and Nanotechnology - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Mason Boyd Ctr
Ramona Boykin ramona.boykin [at] Fed
Christina Brapham christina.brapham [at] Fed
John Cumings john.cumings [at] Assoc
Bradley Damazo bradley.damazo [at] Fed
Russell E. Hajdaj russell.hajdaj [at] Fed
Glenn Holland glenn.holland [at] Fed
Karen Honeycutt karen.honeycutt [at] Fed
Alokik Kanwal alokik.kanwal [at] Fed
John A. Kramar john.kramar [at] Fed
Terri S. Kroft terri.kroft [at] Fed
James Alexander Liddle james.liddle [at] Fed
Kishalay Mahato kishalay.mahato [at] IntlAssoc
Amanda Twyman mallori.twyman [at] Fed
Daron Westly daron.westly [at] Fed