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Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Samuel M. Stavis Group Leader samuel.stavis [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Ravikiran Attota ravikiran.attota [at] Fed
Ashish Chanana ashish.chanana [at] IntlAssoc
Craig R. Copeland craig.copeland [at] Fed
Marcelo Davanco marcelo.davanco [at] Fed
Ronald G. Dixson ron.dixson [at] Fed
Emerson Goncalves De Melo emerson.goncalvesdemelo [at] IntlAssoc
John J. Kasianowicz john.kasianowicz [at] Fed
Kuo-Tang Liao kuo-tang.liao [at] Assoc
Andrew Madison andrew.madison [at] Fed
Muneesh Maheshwari muneesh.maheshwari [at] IntlAssoc
Jacob Majikes jacob.majikes [at] Fed
Olga Ridzel olga.ridzel [at] IntlAssoc
Samuel M. Stavis samuel.stavis [at] Fed
James Teevan Ctr
John S. Villarrubia john.villarrubia [at] Fed
Tristan Wilkinson tristan.wilkinson [at] Assoc
Wataru Yamane wataru.yamane [at] IntlAssoc