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Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division Groups

Biophysics Group
The Biophysics Group advances measurement science, fabrication, and technologies to enable the quantification of biological phenomena from single molecules to molecular ensembles.

Single Emitters Group
The Single Emitters Group researches fabrication processes, device technologies, and microscopy methods to control and measure single emitters, including molecules, particles, and other small sources of light.

Micro/Nanoelectromechanical Systems Group

Nanoscale and Nanostructure Metrology Group
The Nanoscale and Nanostructure Metrology Group develops length measurement science and technology for advanced manufacturing nanotechnology and nanoscience. Measurement capability at this scale is critical for continued nanoelectronics scaling and device integration, and for the innovation of new nanomechanics, photonics, and quantum devices.

Photonics and Plasmonics Group
The Photonics and Plasmonics Group creates new measurement methods to enable the development and effective use of nanomanufacturing and nanofabrication processes.

Created December 11, 2018, Updated October 29, 2019