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Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group

Creates positive feedback between making and measuring nanostructures, to cultivate new capabilities for nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing.

The Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group has established and is exploring a virtuous cycle of making and measuring nanostructures, with the goal of developing approaches that are broadly deployable in research and manufacturing. By creating and advancing methods to measure nanofabrication processes, we improve understanding and quality of nanostructure fabrication. We then apply accurate and precise nanostructures to make metrology methods as good as in the lab, as fast as in the fab. This positive feedback loop improves the theory and practice of fabrication processes, supports the development of novel device technologies, and enables new measurements at the nanometer scale. In this way, the Division creates new capabilities of accuracy and efficiency for nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing. Stakeholder needs inform a current focus on application areas including production of multiphysical devices and systems, innovation of microscopy methods and standards, and characterization of nanoparticle products and byproducts.

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Biomolecular assembly

Biomolecular assembly allows the integration of nanoscale components into functional nanostructures. The Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group

Super-resolution optical microscopy

Super-resolution optical microscopy extends deep into the nanometer scale with high throughput. The Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group is improving

Electron-beam lithography

Electron-beam lithography enables fine control of nanostructure features that form the basis of diverse nanotechnologies. The Nanostructure Fabrication and

Scanning-electron microscopy

Scanning-electron microscopy is a primary method of measuring nanostructure dimensions. The Nanostructure Fabrication and Measurement Group advances measurement


Revealing thermodynamics of DNA origami folding via affine transformations

Jacob M. Majikes, Paul N. Patrone, Daniel R. Schiffels, Michael P. Zwolak, Anthony J. Kearsley, Samuel P. Forry, James A. Liddle
Structural DNA nanotechnology, as exemplified by DNA origami, has enabled the design and construction of molecularly precise objects for a myriad of



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