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Nondegenerate Parametric Resonance in Large Ensembles of Coupled Micromechanical Cantilevers with Varying Natural Frequencies



Christopher B. Wallin, Roberto De Alba, Daron A. Westly, Glenn E. Holland, Scott Grutzik, Richard Rand, Alan Zehnder, Vladimir A. Aksyuk, Slava Krylov, Bojan R. Ilic


We investigate the collective dynamics and nondegenerate parametric resonance (NPR) of coplanar, interdigitated arrays of microcantilevers distinguished by their cantilevers having linearly expanding lengths and thus varying natural frequencies. Within a certain excitation frequency range, the resonators begin oscillating via NPR across the entire array consisting of 200 single-crystal silicon cantilevers. Tunable coupling generated from fringing electrostatic fields provides a mechanism to vary the scope of the NPR. Our experimental results are supported by a reduced-order model that reproduces the leading features of our data including the NPR band. The potential for tailoring the coupled response of suspended mechanical structures using NPR presents new possibilities in mass, force, and energy sensing applications, energy harvesting devices, and optomechanical systems.

Physical Review Letters


MEMS, NEMS, Parametric Resonance, Nonlinear Coupled Oscillators
Created December 28, 2018, Updated April 1, 2020