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Indistinguishable photons from deterministically integrated single quantum dots in heterogeneous GaAs/Si3N4 quantum photonic circuits



Peter Schnauber, Anshuman Singh, Johannes Schall, Suk I. Park, Jin Dong Song, Sven Rodt, Kartik A. Srinivasan, Stephan Reitzenstein, Marcelo I. Davanco


Silicon photonics enables the integration of multi-functional quantum networks on a chip. Inclusion of quantum emitters acting as on-demand single-photon source or photon non-linearity is highly desirable to boost scalability and functionality. Towards this goal, we use low-temperature in-situ electron-beam lithography to demonstrate hybrid GaAs/Si3N4 integrated photonic devices with single, deterministically positioned InAs quantum dots that act as triggered, Si3N4 waveguide-coupled single-photon sources. The precise alignment given by our scalable, top-down fabrication method minimizes the detrimental influence of surfaces upon quantum dot coherence, allowing us to observe post-selected indistinguishable photons. Our fabrication approach shows great potential for highly functional quantum optical circuits based on deterministically integrated quantum emitters on silicon photonic chips.
Nano Letters


Quantum Dots, Integrated Quantum Photonics, Heterogeneous Integration
Created August 30, 2019, Updated January 7, 2020