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Andrew Madison (Fed)

Research Scientist

Andrew C. Madison is an electrical engineer in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division. He has experience developing fabrication methods for integrating acoustic, magnetic, and electrostatic devices into digital microfluidics systems, which use the electrowetting effect to manipulate nanoliter-scale droplets on arrays of programmable electrodes in a variety of laboratory-on-chip applications such as DNA sequencing, pathogen detection, and microbial genome engineering. Since joining NIST in 2018 he has worked with Samuel M. Stavis to develop fabrication and measurement methods that aim to overcome a variety of scientific challenges, ranging from the calibration of microscopes for super-resolution optical microscopy to multimodal characterization of colloidal nanoparticles. 

Selected Publications

Piezo-driven acoustic streaming in an electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidics device, A. C. Madison, M. W. Royal, R. B. Fair, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 21, 12, 176 (2017).

Scalable device for automated microbial electroporation in a digital microfluidic platform. A. C. Madison, M. W. Royal, F. Vigneault, L. Chen, P. B. Griffin, M. Horowitz, G. M. Church, R. B. Fair, 
ACS Synthetic Biology 6, 9, 1701-1709 (2017).

Fluid transport in partially shielded electrowetting on dielectric digital microfluidic devices, A. C Madison, M. W. Royal, R. B. Fair, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 25, 4, 593-605 (2016).

Picoliter DNA sequencing chemistry on an electrowetting‐based digital microfluidic platform, E. R. F. Welch, Y. Y. Lin, A. C. Madison, R. B. Fair, Biotechnology Journal 6, 2, 165-176 (2011).


  • National Research Council Research Associateship from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine
  • Service Development award from the NIST Office of Reference Materials
  • Strategic and Emerging Research Initiatives award in support of the Circular Economy Program


Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022