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Junyeob Song (Assoc)

Junyeob Song is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division of PML at NIST. He received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University of Science and Technology, M.S. degree in Optical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. His doctoral research focused on developing passive and active plasmonic metamaterials and platforms for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy supported by Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science at Virginia Tech and NIST. Junyeob has worked with Amit Agrawal, Marcelo Davanco, and Henri Lezec collaborating on a variety of fabrications related to the field of nanoplasmonics/nanophotonics, including terahertz metamaterials and waveguides, nonlinear integrated photonic devices, and photon-drag devices to probe the nature of optical forces.

Selected Publications

Multiresonant composite optical nanoantennas by out-of-plane plasmonic engineering, J. Song and W. Zhou, Nano Letters 18(7), 4409-4416 (2018).

Scalable High‐Performance Nanolaminated SERS Substrates Based on Multistack Vertically Oriented Plasmonic Nanogaps, J. Song, W. Nam, and W. Zhou, Advanced Materials Technologies, 4(5), 1800689 (2019).

Improved quantitative SERS enabled by surface plasmon enhanced elastic light scattering, W. Haoran, W. Leng, J. Song, M. R. Willner, L. C. Marr, W. Zhou, and P. J. Vikesland, Analytical chemistry, 90(5), 3227-3237 (2018).


Low-power, agile electro-optic frequency comb spectrometer for integrated sensors

Kyunghun Han, David Long, Sean Bresler, Junyeob Song, Yiliang Bao, Benjamin Reschovsky, Kartik Srinivasan, Jason J. Gorman, Vladimir Aksyuk, Thomas W. LeBrun
Sensing platforms based upon photonic integrated circuits have shown considerable promise; however, they require corresponding advancements in integrated
Created August 1, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022