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Photonics and Optomechanics Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Thomas W. LeBrun Group Leader thomas.lebrun [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Amit Agrawal amit.agrawal [at] Fed
Vladimir Aksyuk vladimir.aksyuk [at] Fed
Yiliang Bao yiliang.bao [at] Assoc
Sean Bresler sean.bresler [at] Assoc
Rezlind Bushati rezlind.bushati [at] Assoc
Lu Chen lu.chen [at] IntlAssoc
Liam Connolly liam.connolly [at] Fed
Dhruv Fomra dhruv.fomra [at] IntlAssoc
Jason J. Gorman jason.gorman [at] Fed
Kyunghun Han kyunghun.han [at] IntlAssoc
Melvin Hawes melvin.hawes [at] Assoc
Taekyung Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Kate Klein kate.klein [at] Assoc
Okan Koksal okan.koksal [at] Assoc
John R. Lawall john.lawall [at] Fed
Thomas W. LeBrun thomas.lebrun [at] Fed
Henri Lezec henri.lezec [at] Fed
Omar Lopez omar.lopez [at] Assoc
Xiyuan Lu [at] IntlAssoc
Gregory Moille gregory.moille [at] IntlAssoc
Ndubuisi George Orji ndubuisi.orji [at] Fed
Edgar Perez edgar.perez [at] Assoc
Chad Ropp chad.ropp [at] Assoc
Panadda Salacheep panadda.salacheep [at] IntlAssoc
Junyeob Song [at] Assoc
Kartik Srinivasan kartik.srinivasan [at] Fed
Jordan Stone jordan.stone [at] Assoc
Yi Sun yi.sun [at] IntlAssoc
Polina Vabishchevich polina.vabishchevich [at] IntlAssoc
Thirumalai Venkatesan thirumalai.venkatesan [at] Assoc
Andras E. Vladar andras.vladar [at] Fed
Zi Wang [at] IntlAssoc
Alexander Yulaev alexander.yulaev [at] Assoc
Roy Zekzer roy.t.zekzer [at] IntlAssoc
Feng Zhou feng.zhou [at] IntlAssoc
Wenqi Zhu wenqi.zhu [at] Assoc