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Wenqi Zhu (Fed)

Wenqi Zhu is a PML/UMD Postdoctoral Researcher in Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division. He received a B.S. in Electronics Engineering from Tsinghua University, China and a Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences from Harvard. His doctoral research focused on fabricating and characterizing plasmonic optical antennas for use in surface-enhanced Raman scattering. He also has expertise in fabricating terahertz metamaterials and waveguides. Wenqi is working with Henri Lezec on numerically simulating, designing, fabricating, and experimentally characterizing advanced plasmonic devices and metamaterials operating at infrared, visible, and ultraviolet frequencies.

Selected Publications

  • Direct observation of beamed Raman scattering, W. Zhu, D. Wang, and K. B. Crozier, Nano Letters 12, 6235–6543 (2012).
  • Lithographically fabricated optical antennas with gaps well below 10 nm, W. Zhu, M. G. Banaee, D. Wang, Y. Chu, and K. B. Crozier, Small 7, 1761–1766 (2011).
  • Planar plasmonic terahertz guided-wave devices, W. Zhu, A. Agrawal, and A. Nahata, Optics Express 16, 6216–6126 (2008).


Single-atom trapping in a metasurface-lens optical tweezer

Ting-Wei Hsu, Wenqi Zhu, Tobias Thiele, Mark Brown, Scott Papp, Amit Agrawal, Cindy Regal
Single neutral atoms in optical tweezers have become an important platform for quantum simulation, computing, and metrology [1-3]. With ground-up control

Patents (2018-Present)

Low-loss Metasurface Optics For Deep UV

NIST Inventors
Henri Lezec and Wenqi Zhu
High-performance optical-metasurface-based components configured to at frequencies of UV light and, in particular, in deep UV range and performing multiple optical-wavefront-shaping functions (among which there are high-numerical-aperture lensing, accelerating beam generation, and hologram

High-Performance Ultaviolet Optical Elements Based On Metasurface Technology

NIST Inventors
Henri Lezec , Wenqi Zhu and Jessie Zhang
Shrinking conventional optical systems to chip-scale dimensions will benefit custom applications in imaging, displaying, sensing, spectroscopy, and metrology. Towards this goal, metasurfaces — planar arrays of subwavelength electromagnetic structures that collectively mimic the functionality of
Slide showing text explaining the benefits of the technology described in patent 10,720,993

Metasurface Optical Pulse Shaper for Shaping an Optical Pulse in a Temporal Domain

NIST Inventors
Henri Lezec and Wenqi Zhu
A metasurface optical pulse shaper includes a metasurface with superpixels disposed on an entry side of the metasurface and a wire grid polarizer disposed on an exit surface of the metasurface for controlling a phase, amplitude, or polarization of an optical pulse, wherein the metasurface in
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 9, 2022