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Low-loss Metasurface Optics For Deep UV

Patent Number: 11,885,979


High-performance optical-metasurface-based components configured to at frequencies of UV light and, in particular, in deep UV range and performing multiple optical-wavefront-shaping functions (among which there are high-numerical-aperture lensing, accelerating beam generation, and hologram projection). As a representative material for such components, hafnium oxide demands creation and establishment of a novel process of manufacture that is nevertheless based on general principles of Damascene lithography, to be compatible with existing technology and yet sufficient for producing high-aspect-ratio features that currently-used materials and processes simply do not deliver. The described invention opens a way towards low-form-factor, multifunctional ultraviolet nanophotonic platforms based on flat optical components and enabling diverse applications including lithography, imaging, spectroscopy, and quantum information processing.

Created February 15, 2024