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Planar-Optics Based Light Delivery System for Magneto-Optical Traps And Method For Using The Same

Published Patent Application Numer: US 2022/0390760 A1


An apparatus for light delivery to magneto-optical trap (MOT) system utilizes only planar optical diffraction devices including a planar-integrated-circuit PIC and a metasurface MS. When MOT is based on the use of a diffraction grating, a grating chip is additionally employed to launch and manipulate light for laser cooling. Bridging the gap between the sub-micrometer-scale guided mode on the PIC and the centimeter-scale beam needed for laser cooling, a magnification of the mode area by about 10.sup.10 is demonstrated using an on-chip extreme-mode-converter to launch a Gaussian mode into free space from a PIC-waveguide and a beam-shaping, polarization-dependent MS to form a diverging laser beam with a flat-top spatial profile, which efficiently illuminates the grating chip without loss of light. Comparison to equivalent Gaussian-beam-illuminated GMOTs evidences advantageous power efficiency of operation of the proposed light delivery system as compared with conventional systems employing Gaussian distribution of illumination at the grating chip.

Created September 20, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023